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Bitcoins, docs case, inventory management.


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Hello escapers. I have the game for two weeks now i have the standart edition of the game and i have some questions.


1. - Bitcoins.

I want to trade bitcoins for mechanic's stuff, but i don't know where they spawn or how to get them.


2. - Docs Case.

I need something thats can fit into my alpha container and could fit keys and money so i need to get the docs case. Anybody know the spawn?

3. - Inventory management.

My inventory is really messy. Can anybody tell me how do item/weapon cases work and how do i manage my inventory well? How do i get these cases.

4. - What is your favorite budget loadout?

Send a screenshot or reply here. Mine is:

Glock-17 with 21 rnd mags.



AI-2, 2 Bandages, Painkillers.

And like this i get a bullet to the head.


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I'll try to help you out a bit

1. Bitcoins

They spawn mostly on safes. Not sure now, but they could be found on file cabinets and duffbags, some minipatches before. They're rare, and probably having high perception (soft skill) helps

2. Docs

Customs is the place. The infamous marked room and very rarely at old gas station, in the office or by the broken well (or whatever you call it) at the back

3. Inventory

Cases help a lot. They are like big wallets, if u have one of those. A weapons case has 10x5 slots (ocupying 2x5) for guns, mods, ammo... Items case is for other things like meds, armor... You cannot put any container inside a case.

4 Budget Loadout

PACA is ok, Kolpak... not sure about it. It helps vs shotguns, not much more. Kiver is not budget, but you should go for it, or save for it. Throw that glock. Grab a AKSU, PS ammo will do. If you have the levels, you can get an AK-74n for about 20k rubbles buying tool kits from therapist and trading them at Prapor. Remember to turn auto on when entering the raid, but try to use it only on short distances.

My best tip to avoid getting a bullet to the head is: the less you show it, the better.

Look, listen. Learn the maps. Don't run unless your life depends on it. Or to move from cover to cover. Always use any kind of cover (bushes ain't cover, don't trust them). Is better to be sneaky. Engage when you have advantage and retreat if you don't. 

Still you'll be getting a bullet to the head sometimes, as everyone else. ;) 

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Hi dude! Welcome to Tarkov family.

1- Bitcoins mostly are found in safes, check some locations in the net you will find easy spots, some of them need specific keys, but not all. Also is a very low chance to find it anywhere I found one a week ago in a jacket. but there are some specific spots of valuable items that may spawn a bitcoin from time to time. 

2-Docs case, or a keybar is what you need to begin. Those items spawn at Customs, in the 3-storey dorms 3rd floor in the last room aka Marked room. you'll need the marked key to get in. I don't remember if I still keep one, I can give to you. I think also you can find it in some rooms at shoreline, but is more complicated as the resort is bigger, more dangerous, and also need specific keys for that.

3.- Is very common begin to keep things you will not use thinking that you will need that in future, or near future. I started grouping things by class, but even so I ended up with a mess after few games. Is usual to keep things you think valuable or don't want or weapons you can't buy to not lose it on raid, but you will overcome it as in your stash those weapons are useless, you have tu use them. Slowly you will know the items you use more and sell the rest. Is mostly up to you, but I've read a good tip which I'm using and it works for me: Keep only the things you will use in the next 3-5 raids, 10 med things, 3-5 of your favourite weapon with or without its attachments, 3-5 helmets, 3-5 armours. 3-5 backpacks ( you can keep those one inside another ) and ammo for that weapons. All the rest untill you need that for trade, you sell it. 


4 - This game is so deep to give something more than a personal perspective of a "budget" loadout.

Just to start, the best things are the AKs, keep it modd it and use it, if you ran out of wapons, buy more ak's, if your profits are not enough to sustain it, do makarov runs. PM pistol is cheap and allows you to kill someone ang get his weapon and start the adventure through the exit. Glocks are a very good pistol but is not budget at all... 

After a time, you get your favourite weapon, armor, helmet, 2 of meds, 2 of painkillers, few grenades.. few magazines and loose ammo to recharge the magazines...


Good luck in Tarkov!!

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Thank you all so much! I got the marked key and now im gonna do alot of runs let's hope i get the docs case and when i said "budget" i meant favorite. It was a mistake.

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