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On 15/3/2018 at 3:02 PM, aXept said:


And I think there is MORE solo players playing this game then squads. Much more. And IF they for some reason don't care about that they will loose a lot of players. And a game without players is dead. Even if the devs wants it to be like that, they can't afford it. They can't afford to loose a lot of players.


The author of the post give you the reason about that, for convenience to get support I think. I quoted this part because if there are that much solo players how he can die to a squad in every game as he said? I there are that much solo players, then you don't need a separate mode for solos, like almost everybody should be solo.

I play solo 90% for the info. Don't bother me find squads, I do my best and is my fate in game to encounter whatever, that's the point and the vision of it all. Sorry for those who want solo matchmaking, I understand their arguments, really, not my intention to argue with them just because is not my opinion, just saying what I know about,  and I don't see how solo queue fits in tarkov, beside some players convenience. 

I agree and see lot of solo people, that is true, why not, but wait, then what a bad luck you have if you only bump into squads...


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Well, I dont often bump into squads. More often duos but most solo. Too bad 75% of the solo players are hatchlings..... And I agree with your opinion.


In my opinion there is no need for solo queue, I play solo what so ever, but I understand his point. Thats what I tried to say. Many just tried to turn his opinion into something else. Sort of. Difficult to explain since english is not my main language :P



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