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Emissary from Sweden

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I am henceforth the emissary of Sweden. My name is Tobias Solem, and I pre-ordered the game in January of 2017, but only started playing at the opening of the closed beta. Prior to this I paid a lot of attention to Escape From Tarkov since when it got announced sometime in late 2015 and was watching DDG's videos from the alpha. 

Who am I? I am a 39-year old dude living with my girlfriend in the small city of Orebro (most famous for its castle, a giant mushroom water tower and the bathing mecca of northern Europe called Gustavsvik) in Sweden. I have a background in both the swedish army (12 months in the cold pit of icy death in the winter, and mosquito-bloodsuckery known simply as Boden) as well as the swedish home guard. My military rank is Sergeant.

My background is in gaming, and it all started out with a simple C128 computer in the late 80ies, but I also had an 8-bit NES. At this time I started out playing "Drakar & Demoner" (swedish equivalent to Dungeons & Dragons, even though our version has it roots in the system 'Basic Role-playing'). I started my own association with some friends in the early 90ies and wrote my own subset of rules, as well as several campaigns and campaign worlds. At this time I also played a lot of MUD (Multi-user dungeons, primarily NannyMUD) and by this time had gotten involved in the "Amiga Scene" both as an ascii-maker and graphical artist (Deluxe Paint IV!).

I've since been involved with several gaming communities, both digital and analogue, the ARMA-scene and DayZ, Epoch and Exile being the primary ones for PC, and Vampire; The Masquerade and Shadowrun for analogue counterparts. 

I've also run or been involved in running parts of the following communities:  meshuggah.net - zombies.nu - whatthepoch.com - survive.the-dayz -  edge.of-sanity.nu -

And also worked as a game reviewer at swedish site: FZ.se (Or fragzone as it was called back then).


If you want to follow me. I have the following relevant spots:

twitch:  twitch.tv/tobiassolem
youtube: youtube.com/tobsol
twitter: twitter.com/tobiassolem (tweets mostly in swedish)



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