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What trader to focus on first and why?


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7 minutes ago, KaiZee said:

What trader to focus on first and why? Struggling with things like deciding which quest to do first. Thanks for the help.

If you're new and poor then Prapor, lvl 2 you can trade a blackrock for an ak74n start using that weapon for everything it's cheap and can be modded to be "fairly" comparable to the top tier M4 which is significantly more expensive. After that Skier because he provides gear and attachments for quality of life, after that peacekeeper, because he's expensive early on but later so easy to level because you just have so much money (buying dollars to level, spending dollars for needs and in turn levelling).

If you have stash problems and surplus of bitcoins, buy 9mm ammo from mechanic and sell back to him at a small loss, at lvl 2 you can buy weapons cases for 7 bitcoins and fort armor for 1 bitcoin, which make your life wayyyy easier.

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