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Tarkov Development Ideas

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Just a bunch of ideas that are on my mind which could be implemented to create a (I think) greater Tarkov Experience.

Random S***:

Magazine stickers/tape for Identifying mag types. Add Mag grips, with or without functionality.

Para Flares for Night time Raids and to kill Night Vision. 2 Slot item fires into the sky and illuminates 500-1000m^2 for 45s-1min. Not too Expensive.

Hiring cost implemented for each PMC you use, RNG character based on ~3 tiers of Operatives with differing costs.

Set number of PMC's allowed at once based on Account type:  Upgrading to EOD would not only be a stash upgrade, but a BASE upgrade, allowing more PMCs on your roster at once.

***PMC's who are injured need real time to heal***

Create seperation from sets of Universal Account Skills and Specific Character Attributes to build on.
Even a Low tier PMC who survives a number of raids will likely attain better stats than a higher tier PMC.

Allow Scav runs whenever for free, but if you survive they will skim the best loot for themselves! (Can't build up any scav character)


Change head hitbox into Head/Face/Neck regions, Where:
Head only is protected by most helmets,
Face shots are instant kills, (Around eyes and nose area)
Neck shots (Top of chest to mouth area) cause heavy damage and Severe bleeding. (Add neck armor region on certain heavy armor?)

Adrenaline: Right before you lose a limb, your adrenaline kicks in keeping the limb at 1hp for 30sec. (dmg to limb as per "blacked-out" limb for duration)
Since Painkillers (~2s animation) take ~1 min to kick in, There will be a short period in which a player is vulnerable after losing a limb,
unless they use morphine right away, which kicks in ~25 seconds (~2s animation), Or pre-pop meds.
In order to discourage constant pill popping, each time a painkilling item is used, the next item of the same type will have a 20% reduced effect time. 
May also encourage players to value BOTH items ie start with pain pills and seek Morphine if staying in longer, or just use morphine when able immediately after wound.
Blacked out limbs still suffer a -10% penalty to aim/speed even when on pain meds.

Get rid of Stomach hitbox.

Add internal bleeding (could link to fragmentation), which slowly reduces maximum hp and cannot be healed mid-raid.
ALL bleeding causes dehydration. 

Bleeding also slowly reduces MAX hydration, while an IV bag (small increase) or *Correct* Blood bag (Max) could bring you back to strength.

Dehydration to have severe negative affects on character in terms of stamina/regen etc below 25% threshold, with minor affects starting below 50%.

Energy drops more quickly. (Why have food in the game if it is utterly, utterly pointless?)

ProjeKt COdeSign: "Optional" karma system based on reputation where Agreed upon hand signal (very obvious) can be used to other RANDOM players within a short distance. 
If they respond you are both bound by "karma" penalties for betrayal and "reputation" points for succeeding together etc. (First Aid, sharing ammo/items)
        *Insert Tarkov backstory/Lore*

ProjeKt REtraction: Secondary mission if your PMC goes down (not from a headshot) less than halfway through a raid: deploy into same raid as a covert op (pistol no backpack?)
 and attempt to EVAC your wounded PMC. *To be Released with compact smg's/pdw's as sidearms - DLC anyone? - *Meh Idea...*

                                                                                                     **Feel free to critique or add on any of these ideas!**

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Using Tape on mods to attach them to your weapon at a reduced effectiveness (Only works for some grips, flashlights etc).
Using tape on Mags to Double them up aka "Jungle Clip" (reduces ergo).

Ballistic glasses/Goggles functionality: Reduce Grenade shock effects.

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