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Soviet/ussr clothing


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Please devs, Include some ww2 uniforms and hats and all the other cool things that come with it. There could be some sort of Soviet/red army faction that dresses up and is ordered up as ussr. Please. Thank you.

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ww2 would be too far away. but afghanistan and chechnya campaign surplus would still be around. also chechnya is actually quite recent and for the most part the gear is quite proliferate.

i think a veteran faction made up of former and current military would be great. cold war uniforms though. ww2 was too far back

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@johncage213 ww2 is defiantly not too far. Iv been to Russia many times and you see ww2 stuff every were. Also ww2 surplus can be found relatively easy and cheap too. You can find mosin nagants and others firearms such as that every where. Also for the uniforms, i visited for one week and saw a ww2 uniform in every house that me and my father visited. I even took back 2 of them. Thanks for the feedback. 

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