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my Question is if there is a HUD ingame or any hit indicators. so if i hit someone with a bullet if some ugly crosses show up and show me if i hit the enemy or not..

because i hate that i want a realsitc feeling . no HUD . no hit indicators, or any ugly numbers or arrows showing up in the air

i also dont wanna see any arrows to show me the way like wehre to walk... and i dont want grenades that can heal other players ^^

please! EFT team please!  let the game be like in the videos you showed us. dont let any stupid idiot destroy the game with tousands of information in the screen,

let the players use they brains!

it is enough if we can press TAB for Detailed character info and inventory. we dont need hud. we dont need hit indicators.we dont need arrows or numbers.

and pls no map of the city in my hud like in CSGO ,

but a map that I have in inventory and can take in hand to look at where I am would be nice and realistic.

let it be hardcore and Realistic!!!.

if there will be hit indicators i will not play the game.

thank you !!.


by the way.. your Forum is awesome Fast nice look easy and geat!.

here an example for my map idea.


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