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EFT/Discord Issue - Lag/Frame Drops


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Hey guys, been playing the game a while now but only this week I have begun to run into an issue which is making the game unplayable 

for me with friends.


Solo, I have no issues whatsoever but when I team up with friends in discord it will be ok 'most' the time but very often some how the two cause each other to 

make my PC game insane, frame drops hit my game hard, discord disconnects, disappears and reappears and whilst its doing that, EFT is unplayable. 

Not sure what is causing this issue, we tried using TS3 to see if it was just discord, but it happened there too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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Same here. A week ago I could play Shoreline, granted it was a little laggy but playable. Now I can't play Shoreline at all and Customs isn't much better. What happened?

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