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Hello there,

im asking Dev's if they will buff the SNIPERS, i mean what we do have right now in game  the DVL & SV98, Because i tried both of them and it sucks, DVL with silencer who coast about 198k Rubs and u need 4 shot to down a Scav with PACA. i dont wanna talk about the fort armor by player's he will never DIE. First of all its really hard to aim with the drop frame. the performance is weak in this game, that doesnt mean game sucks :). i hope they will fix that in the feature.


Come back to our title. So can u please if Dev's are reading this message. Sniper need to be buffed (Dammage) Honestly i tried by myself i killed a Scav with PACA and i killed him with 4 shot in CHEST, and one time i played in woods with SV98. i did hit a guy with Fast MT & Armor 3 time in chest and no kill. 

In all games, sniper need 1 bullet to kill, some times 2, and here u need 4 bullet to down a scav with paca only. i know that if i hit Headshot only 1 bullet but its really hard to aim headshot with a sniper specialy in mouvement. with drop frames when u scope.


that's all i hope u understand that & sorry for my english ;)



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that's true. same here, player now play only with AK / M4 and sometimes AKM/S, no one play with sniper, i really like sniper and i hope they will buff it

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