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New Emissary for Germany


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Hi fellows!

My name is Christian, I am 30 years old,a least for three more days :-) Currently I am employed as a team leader of a small development team for the medical faculty of a large german university. Together with my people, we are developing programs and applications for medical purposes.

Before working as a business computer scientist, I was with the german armed forces and had one assignment in Afghanistan. Since the change to the desk corresponds to what I also like to do - program and command people around: D - I joined the volunteer fire brigade in search of a variety and meanwhile I am group leader there.  I had already bought Escape from Tarkov in Alpha times, but not played very active that time, I just took a look now and then. I still remember the Scav of Doom on the bridge at Customs. Well, by now I play with a lot of friends a lot and regularly and I support the translation of Escape from Tarkov into German as a proofreader on Crowdin

I am looking forward to the new task and I am proud to take a small part in the further development of this great game :-)

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