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Most of My Scopes are bugged (Elcan/Bravo for sure)


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Hi EFT Team, most of the scopes in the game are basically unusable for me because of the black ring around the viewable area.  It's most noticeable on the BRAVO.  The IR scope, the HAMR, and the 4x (pubg 4x scope forget name) are working fine but it appears all other scopes have this issue.  Im uploading some images of the elcan and the bravo so you can see,  Any help to fix this would be much appreciated!!


Thank you

Escape From Tarkov Screenshot 2018.03.23 -

Escape From Tarkov Screenshot 2018.03.07 -

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only some scopes have this issue
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4x pubg scope SMH
Its called a Trijicon ACOG TA11 and is different than pubg's TA31.
Just look at the description next time, its really easy.

My friend has the same problem, we couldnt find a way around it.
I hope the devs know, we want to do a sniper duo.

EDIT: Are we gonna get the TA31 or 33 ingame?? Theres definitely room for a 3x30 scope, the 4x prove to be too much most times.

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