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After the sheer volume of complaints on twitter fb and here I thought what better way to combat bad or unwanted events than to post our own suggestions here. 

Simple Guidelines

  1. Keep your ideas to the boundaries of the games core storyline/mechanics (sorry no base building in raid or PUBG tournaments)
  2. Don't just shoot down one persons ideas cause you wouldn't enjoy it constructive criticism is okay but if you are going to criticize anothers idea you must supply a change to said idea that would make it feasible.
  3. Keep your ideas clear and concise so there is no misunderstandings to what you are trying to express even use bullet-points if need be
  4. I cant express this one enough, end goals be it a certain reward etc make sure it is balanced so joe bloggs who lives in a different timezone and misses the event doesnt suffer for having to go to work that day.
  5. If you post it MUST have an idea or involve a change to a previously stated idea. We are trying to help, not throw salt.

two good ideas I have seen so far and will credit are: 

https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/65487-weeklymonthly-events/?tab=comments#comment-1015037 By ShadowWolf20
https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/63612-add-events-for-more-dynamic-raids-in-tarkov/?tab=comments#comment-999544 By ynnus86

Going by my own rule number 5 here if my first idea working off ynnus86's post particularly the convoy idea

With the upcoming boss scavs a good random/rare occurrence dude to vehicle mechanics not being in game yet would be a squadron of scavs protecting their boss escorting him from point A to point B via Point C (Because all maps are "Linked")

Of course the route they take is never set in stone repeated time after time. A good example is customs currently has 22 exits so thats 21 different places the escort could go after they go to point C for whatever reason they decide be it check an area, get a certain item etc etc

The main goal obviously would be for the PMC(s) to kill the boss who when dead the remaining scavs would hunt for whoever the killer(s) are.

Rewards: More Exp, and better loot off the main or perhaps items you would rarely see on a scav such as flash drives etc not a limited edition gun etc for that would be unbalanced but definitely something to be double the value of the resources you put into the kill.


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