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Scopes and Optics Discussion


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The purpose of this thread is to discuss optics in EFT, particularly their in game representation and fidelity.

  1. At this juncture (Closed Beta 0.79) the lack of variable magnification to variables like the Hensoldt, Leupold MkIV and March is annoying. It is particularly annoying because of the very high magnification of the scopes currently portrayed, with the Hensoldt 3-12x being the most usable. This is exacerbated by the inability to create a stable firing position using either a rest or a bipod. Hopefully we will get variable magnification sooner rather than later and with generally lower magnifications like 1-6x or 2.5-10x.
  2. While I am exploiting the hell out of it, magnified optics and helmet mounted NODS are NOT compatible. You need an in line image intensifier like a PVS-22 to go in front of the optic. Reflex collimators like Aimpoints and Eotechs are OK, magnifiers are not. 
  3. Optical quality and design make a massive difference in twilight and night time. A big 56mm objective bell (at the front of the optic) collects a lot of light and gives you a rudimentary degree of image intensification. The reverse is the small 24mm objectives found in many 30mm variables. They suck in low light at magnification and you see very little with magnification. Please contact any sporting optics supplier to get an idea of how this works but the best way is simply to go out and look through the scopes at night in an area with less light pollution. 
  4. PSO sights are all illuminated. You may want to consider an illumination toggle command to turn them on and off. 
  5. Mounts make a huge difference. Thumbscrew type mounts are not Quick Detach/Return to Zero. So your TA-51, JP cantilever etc. are no good for this. They require index marks and torque wrenches. Proper QD mounts like the Larue, ADM and SIdelok allow you switch mounts without loss of zero.

Please contribute to this thread but avoid making it a wishing list.

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Definitely +1 for #4.

I'm not too well versed on optics in general, i can understand #3 however, but i'm hoping that many other graphical effects may be changed before/in-line with this.

#1, variable zoom yeh why not, not sure what current iteration really has to do with it, i'll hopefully see it when i see it, but again - there's lots of work to be done here (not an It's Alpha! rebuttal).

#2 never use em, couldn't really comment, sounds like you want more items to be added, making them more expensive? sure why not.

#5 i've found it comical how you can just rip an optic off one item and place it onto another, wam bam zero maam! I'd rather not overcomplicate the process, but i agree that more in-raid mod support and also possibly hideout prep can make this game a bit more of a planning man's game.

apologies for out of order replies, but basically good points raised across board.

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I do like all of the things menthioned here.

Additionally i would be a fan of some more complicated mechanics. I would be fine with needing to zero your scopes on the range when that is added in. Then scopes/sights that are attached in raid would have some random incorrect zeroing. To make it easier there could be like 10 preset zero spots that the game can choose from when you equip the scope.  

That way to some extent your accuracy in raid would be dependent on how accurately you zeroed the weapon on the range. If you rush it, then you may miss some shots at longer range. 

You might even need to use a tracer round to test your shots on a scope installed mid raid so that you can Kentucky windage your way through. 

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Most shooters never get beyond BattleSight Zero (BZO). More advanced modelling should really be optional, perhaps on selected 'HiFi' servers so a hatchling does not have to waste his or her time with these things.

I was amused by the fidelity of the 1PN58 Soviet era weapon sight. The crappiness is awesome! Now what you need with crappy 1st and 2nd gen imagers is IR illumination which seems to be Work In Progress. 

Playing Far Cry 5 makes me appreciate EFT so much more.

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