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Patch 1.0.67 for the text RPG

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Inviting the users to the group:

  • invitations to the groups that don’t exist are deleted automatically;
  • the term of validity of the invitation to the group was set to 2 hours;
  • the Create Group form was amended with checking up if the name of group is already used.

Passing the item form:

  • the list of items available for passing is arranged as follows: if the player is in the hiding place, all the user’s items will be included in the list, and if the player is in the raid, only the items that are in the inventory can be passed;
  • form validity: if the player is not in the map, the item can be passed only to the user that is not in the map as well, otherwise the item will be passed if only the addressee is in the same sector with the owner of the item, irrespective of the fact they are in the one group or not;
  • logging was also added.


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