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Suggestion for all containers and durable keys


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Hello my friends in armor !

! ! ! BEFORE WE START MY ENGLISH ISN'T PERFECT ! ! ! (make sure you understand)

I have 2 great suggestion for hardcore and better gameplay and LOOT system !


There is suggestion number 1:

Containers (alpha, beta, gama ...)

,usually things for better looting for someone extra storage ... for someone pay for win ... everyone have right !

Now about my idea : (how is possible when i was killed, always my character had container in storage / profile page, how is that possible, my dead body just let container teleport with stuff into my storage page and let me take all great loot i collected before). I would like to see when your character die, your container arrive (like insure system)  when someone from traders company find your body with stuffs or without, but container always remain with result from search. [because players can't loot it because it's too heavy and they can't open it]

+ Better gameplay, less chance find naked person with knife or tomahawk RUN for loot (because current situation is, i am gonna take my gamma loot some containers and look i am rich)

+ More hardcore more action and point for storage more Beta , alpha containers in case when someone kill me and i want atlast make sure something always come with me and mission my last mission wasn't just bad dream !

+ More future for traders, for extra money trader send sooner search team for collect your container and your remain stuff from raid (different discount and time, maybe something like send search team for container, [when return stay in inbox / message page for permanent until player don't take it] ...)

+ Better ECONOMY

- For new players or solo veterans this game without team UP (talking about solo players) gonna be hell



I hope you like it because there is suggestion number 2:

Durable for keys 

You know when someone find Factory, Mark, Miliatry ... or different keys for maps and players no more care about these keys ? Yea its bad. So my idea is durable for keys. For example player can find:

1. NEW key ( with 90-100 durable) fast opening doors, 1-5 % damage when you open door with this typ, can be repair once when its come change status for used key

2. Used key (50 - 90 % durable) fast opening doors, 5-15% damage when you open door with this typ

3. Damaged key (1 - 50 % durable) slow opening doors, 5-15% damage when you open door with this typ 


When key reach 0% its change for unusable key, and you can no longer use it during mission, you can repair just new typ keys other keys you can sell for few rubbles 


+ Better gameplay, less chance find naked person with knife or tomahawk RUN for safes or mark zones ...

+ Better ECONOMY and for future ECONOMY for keys in black market ...

+ Players start look in wardrobes, boxes, check dead scavs - pocket  ... for fine (better) keys ... 



EXTRA suggestion:

When you eat painkiller you gonna be thirst soon !

1. USE - (-10 water) duration painkiller effect 5min

2. USE and MORE USE - (-20 water) duration painkiller effect 4-2 min because body ADAPT ! (ADRENALIN different stuff)

+ WATER GONNA BE necessary for raid not just for CAMP whole time or for long missions !



I hope you like my suggestions and i am prepare for opinions from you !


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Hi mate, no worries you English is clear enough. Maybe just align all text to the left for an easier read ;)

1. Agree on some points. I do think the container makes it too easy to aquire loot. And the whole teleport thing is odd, I understand why it works this way, but odd nevertheless.

However I doubt this will have a positive effect on hatchetrunners. They might even rush harder or camp longer, depending on their goal.

But I think there have been enough threads on the container.

2. Durability for keys I do like. Gives it some extra depth, do I use it now or should I save the few uses for the next raid. This will also force people to find a new one after a while, instead of using the same factory key 1000+ times.

Please do not add the ability to repair them, this will take away from the idea.

Extra. Yes, painkillers should affect thirst. Maybe not as severe as you outlined, but still.

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