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The game has a lot of depth, at least as it appears in clips.

My suggestions is that in the game could bit Drugs but I do not think drugs like grass, cocaine and more like that. But  more like  cigarettes, alcohol, various pills,... 

how should it look like? Easy example for alohol is a cheap alternative for painkillars with its own side effects. you can imagine themselves what side effects are by alcohol. Now regular alcohol consumption may lead to addiction and the character can not work normal without drinking alcohol

so you need to loot or trade for alcohol that the needs be content. 

and sorry for my English i am not so good at it

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Well first of all I have to say that ideas like this always "seem good" at first, but what if they happen to you? ^^

If you had to use "allohol" as a substitute for painkillers a few times, and you're "punished" with addiction, would you find the game still "fun"?

Because enjoying a game is the key to success. If you don't enjoy the game, you won't play it.

(This game is supposed to be hard and "real-life-simulator-esque", so you gotta keep that in mind, too, of course ;) )


I personally would like such a concept, but I just wanted to warn  and show possible downsides :)


(Like if someone comes up with an idea like chopping off limbs and you are forced to play with 1 less hand, etc.)

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hi my name is ... and I'm a alcoholic kleptomaniac :D
I get your point but there is no need to have any purpose like painkiller or to get addicted but only with visual effects like in GTA 5 u can smoke pot and drink alcohol ...will be cool when you get together with your team mates to hiccup and falter ;}

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Yes drugs are pretty dangerous, and that's a known fact. But it depends on what types of drugs and how often you use them. Personally, I smoke sometimes weed, for me, it's a good way to  relax and get away the stress. I have been smoking weed for a while now, so I don't feel any addiction, you just need to be careful with drugs and that's it. I buy weed online from getkush.io, maybe that's because of the accessibility of the drugs the addiction level is so high.

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Addiction is planned for stims and, maybe, some drugs like painkillers. Details are not yet clear, but looks like you can get addiction if use specific meds too often. Probably this feature will come somewhere after Open World is released so you will not have access to all traders form Hideout, but will have to travel to Therapist on foot across several maps in person if you want your addiction cured.

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