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[Spoilers] Character/Trader idea: Denis/Predator


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How's it going comrades? Book spoilers for 'Predator' ahead!



I recently finished the book 'Predator' by Alexander Kontorovich and all in all was really impressed with the story content! My favourite parts were how the current traders were hinted at, at certain points. For example, the mysterious trader/dealer who reminded me of Fence with his hood and secret hideout, as well as mentions of the Therapist. The book really feels like an extension of the game and that is what I loved most. 

Anyway! During the story, our protagonist Denis manages to survive by creating a persona for himself to rely on; The Predator. Now, we've already seen Denis' weapons in the game (given to players who purchase the book [very cool, by the way!]) so I think it would be awesome for himself to appear, or at least be mentioned also. Of course, 'The Predator' doesn't actually exist, however unless you've read the book you might not be aware of that.

Therefore, why not have Predator as an entity whom we can trade with? We know Denis comes across stockpiles of food, drinks and clothing, so perhaps this trader will deal with these supplies, as well as supplies for the Hideout like fuel, materials etc.



Long story short, I would really just love to see this/these character(s) make an appearance in the game, and hope that Nikita, the writer(s) and the BSG crew are planning on adding him/them/it! 

Thank you for reading, if you got this far :P 

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I agree. It would be a neat idea if Denis or some of the other bandits made an appearance, perhaps as one of the new Scav Bosses?

I would absolutely love some Easter eggs from the book hidden in the city of Tarkov. Maybe even a unique key to get into Denis’ shag pad. 

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