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48 hour rain??? really? it sucks


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It can not be that it is raining permanently for 48 hours! That makes all the fun gone! In addition, even this fog, that annoys!

Times rain for 15 mins no problem, but now I'm in my vacation for 2 days and play and have 48h only rain? So developers, there must be some adjustments, otherwise the players will be lost!

The game is not beginner friendly, has no totorials and then you also wanted to provide the reload with individual balls? This is not good. Players will stop playing!

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11 minutes ago, EffectUltra said:

This is Russia 

You can tell that is Galicia and still being right XDDDDD.


Just adapt your play style to the weather conditions, easy as that.

PD: Totorial?




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i dont find the rain to be optimized well, i lost my gear because my game disconnected due to the rain. Even on the lowest settings i cant play with rain.

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The weather system is still being worked on, as we are still in a testing phase of development. Please search before opening a new thread

As to the other points, next patch will implement a basic tutorial. The devs plan for a guide to help new players, but one that won't pre determine how they should play.

Sorry to say this part, but this is designed to be a hardcore realistic FPS, not the average run and gun instant animation game. Things like timed reloading were always planned, and are implemented to add a more realistic feel without going too far to make it very time consuming.

If this drives users away, they'll hate when medical animations, post raid healing, and having to maintain a hideout come into play. This game is not being developed to cater to everyone, just those who love the specific style that this gameplay will bring

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