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Talking Tarkov Podcast 1 - Traducido

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Versión traducida de un post visto en el foro general, centrado en los comentarios de Nikita. (Puede haber errores de traducción y de comprensión)

Hablando de Tarkov, PODCAST #1


-EFT es un simulador militar. Como la vida real.

-Recargas de cargador realistas en el tiempo. Aún no hay animaciones. Whirling timer at the moment. 

-Golpe de las armas reducido.

-Retroceso Aumentado.

-¿Cuándo es el parche? No respondieron directamente. Están trabajando en la Open Beta. Haciendo cambios en el proceso. Están intentando mejorar la experiencie. La mitad del trabajo ahora es mejorar el netcode.

-¿Cómo será el juego en dos años? Muchísimo más hardcore. Aunque el alma del juego seguirá siendo la misma. Crearán el mundo sobre el que transcurre el juego. Escalonadamente.

-Escucharán a la comunidad y harán cambios acorde a ello, ajustes en los scavs, spawns de jugadores, ajustes de mercaderes y reducción de desincronizaciones. Ansiosos por las contribuciones de los jugadores a corregir el juego. Le gustarón las contribuciones del jugador que dibujó como podrían mejorar la interfaz. Que siga habiendo buen feedback.

-El siguiente video muestra el M1A

-Y éste la escopeta Remington 870

-Nuevo sistema de daños en la cabeza. Habrá diferentes zonas de la cabeza y casco. También, habrá diferentes tipos de daño como golpes contundentes, que harán las escopetas mucho más útiles.

-Las bandas de brazo coloreadas llegarán. Así nos podremos diferenciar.

-No hay planes para proporcionar diferentes objetos a BEARS y USECS (Pero quizás en un futuro). Si que está planeada diferente ropa para cada facción. Diferentes misiones para cada facción no están planeadas por ahora.

-Las Chapas Identificativas serán un nuevo sistema de intercambio en el próximo parche.

-¿Re-Implementación de buscar partes de armas para construir una completa? Ahora no es posible, pero diseñarán un sistema para que sea viable. Armas modificadas en la tienda de armas de Interchange, super armas que aparecerán con modificaciones incluidas, etc.

-Más variedad de tablas de objetos de loot en cada lugar en unos cuantos meses.

-Cargador de 10 balas de la Escopeta Saiga:

-4 Armas nuevas van a llegar, incluyendo la APS.

-Ahora mismo EFT lo forman más de 2.000 objetos, pero faltan cientos por llegar. Como una palanca que te permita destrozar puertas.

-Relojes y Brújulas 

Compass and watch.  2 compass coming. Small one and standalone electronic military grade including GPS functionality.  To help with ID’ing players in group.  IR beacons on gear, arm bands and flashing strobes, different faces and clothes.  Hand washing - Weird faces will change.

How to combat hatchlings spawning in?  Not realistic for people to do this. Perhaps can’t join if you don’t have a high enough gear score. Difficult to implement. Hatchlings was an unintended consequence.

Plan to increase the Scav amount, especially the bosses.  They will be more organised.  But this is linked to game performance.  Rewriting the Unity physics now.  Low performance not linked to graphics but physics and Unity bugs, especially around physical colliders.

Mechanics and movement optimisation taking work and capability.  A development priority.  A lot of room to make the game much better.  Will take a while and then can add more Scavs.  Really want to do this for Boss scavs.

Plan on expanding Scav interactions, such as angering them with flipping them off and getting them to follow.  Instruction to programmers to make the boss scavs hard, to make them more complex and tactical rather than just adding armour and hit points.

Have they considered wildlife?  In plans, especially dogs, not combat threat but to add to the environment.

Skills. You will have a stomach so can’t drink too much so can’t spam pineapple. Want to make a skill rebalance but don’t have a full implementation.  Will balance eventually.  Again they want community feedback on this.

APS pistol.  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908?t=01h06m43s Spetnaz pistol.  Old and reliable.  Full auto pistol.

Leg meta. Removed from Scav vision the existence of legs.  But still get the meta.  They target the centre of mass – the chest. But lots of TOZ bullet drop.

Netcode improvements coming next patch.  Especially Shoreline, nailing physics.

Nikita speaks Russian for a while, talking about stuff.

Adding 5 or 6 new helmets.

Game video. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908?t=01h14m53s

You can’t lose clothes.

Will NATO weapon prices change?  They have been lowered in this next patch.  Trying to blend them so not so rare.  Will traders have a faction discount?  Have taken a note of this.  New trader coming up European clothing vendor and provide uniform.  New art available next week.  Thinking of a name.

Grenade cooking? Can you blow yourself up?  Easy stuff says Nikita.  Grenade will be cookable in time.

Under Barrel Grenade Launcher - UBGL – for AK and AR and standalone.  Grenade launcher will be a thing with several variants.

How to balance UBGL? They will make it right.  Hard to operate and expensive.

More game video general. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908?t=01h19m48s

More animations coming up such as applying medicals and food.  Have spent a few months working on character animations.  Vaulting will come.  Can you work together to lift each other over a fence?  Teamwork something to think about.

Team play vs solo play?  To play efficiently – need to behave as per a combat team.  Understand tactics in different environments.  Harder to play when in a team of greater than two. Lone wolf you don’t need to worry.  Will lone wolf be viable at the end of the development cycle?  Yes.  EFT will simulate real life so yes it should be viable as in real life to be a lone wolf. 

Breaching charges?  The advance door features are coming but need things like armoured doors, codes, grenades, simply knock on it. Shotgun breaching planned.

Next video: AKM new foregrip. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908?t=01h28m15s [Did not mention new beanie colour hype]

Possible to interrupt animated actions such as healing?  Yes.

Will internal organs be simulated for insta kills?  Yes, such as heart, spine and neck.  Neck deadly not instant.

Videos will be combined and put on Youtube by Battlestate.

Q&A section of the Podcast.

Voice chat/VOIP.  After the patch they will assign someone on the team to this.  Have some implementations of this in a basic way.  Planned for next patch (after imminent one).

Will weapons be banned from secure containers?  There will be some specials which can’t take weapons.  Two more containers coming for medical equipment and ammo in next patch.

Fleamarket design finished a couple of weeks ago.  Big and complex to enable player to player trade. Will come in next big patch (after imminent one).

Traders,  any plans to change way they restock from a timer?  Plan on AI driven traders, but not an immediate focus.

More on the game lore. What’s coming? Lore is key and quests will be important with story and plot. Understand the mystery of Tarkov, who are the Scavs, who are the cultists?  Current quests are just fillers.  The quests will trigger dynamically on seeing things.  Nikita excited for this – most interesting part of the game for him, adding emotions other than the ‘brutal man game’.

Game should be good, and realistic but not so realistic it would be useful in real life.  

Weather. Are seasons planned such as snow?  DLC will change the game the way in this way.  Next will be Autumn. 

Subsonic and supersonic rounds sound differences.  Looking at work on advanced silencers. Carbon build up changing sound, ammo rounds types will change the effect on silencers.  Considerations such as distance and sound speed will be modelled.

Jamming is in the game but very rare – takes several thousand rounds now. Better the parts the better the reliability of the weapon. Different durability weapons will spawn. Barrel wear.  There could be weapons explosions

Gun blowing up (Not EFT but RL) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908?t=01h48m29s

Face shields implemented but not put into the game as yet.

Karma system. Classified.  Can’t talk about Karma.   It has a purpose.

Extraction methods. New location might not have an exit unless you cooperate with Scavs.  These can be controlled so you have to have had a specific action completed.  Enter as lone wolf and exit with three persons.  More ideas to be played with and tested.

Ghille suits to come in - Klean

Patch release dates. They want it to be beautiful.  Adding Shoreline optimisations.  It will be soon. Things are being sorted.  Good pace. Getting ready really soon, but they don’t want more bugs.  Need to wait more time.  More information next week.  

Video of Interchange next week.

Will this patch be a wipe?  Yes it will.  It is needed as the game will feel different.

What does Cheeki Breeki mean?  Like several different things.  A child counter to divide people and work out who is next?

 Wrap up

All videos played as Nikita wraps up  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908?t=01h59m42s

 Asked for patience especially on patch day.  Thanked community. Looking forward to a good future wilth a hard core game.  Onwards and upwards!

Klean wrapped up.

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Excellent summary. Thank u.

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