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Keyboard combo for chambering the weapon


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Given that reloading round into mags will take time next patch, i`m imagining the scenario where you shot all your mags empty and you`re still in the middle of the battle.

Instead of going into inventory and fill a mag, it would be nice to push something like CTRL+"reload" and the character would chamber a round, given that you have rounds in your vest or pockets.

Right now you have to open inventory, drag a round onto your weapon and even that is a big weird since the character won`t always chamber immediately.

It would be nice to have a shortcut for chambering.

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Right now, at the very beginning of the raid, if your chamber is EMPTY, your character chambers the weapon (load cartridge into chamber).

I imagine it will be synced with chamber state after patch.

  • Unknown
    • your character doesn't chamber the weapon, because it might be already chambered.
    • your weapon might not fire, if the chamber is empty
  • Empty
    • your character will automatically load cartridge if he knows for sure that chamber is empty
  • Loaded
    • no chambering made, ready to fire

At least that's my guess about what will happen. Of course, I would prefer manual chambering and being at risk of ejecting cartridge when we try to load cartridge into loaded chamber.

On the other hand, they showed us animations for unloading chamber in M870 and M1A... so I guess anything is possible. 

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I think it'd be better, for the sake of simplicity, to just have it as a hotkey combined with the check chamber feature. So you go check the chamber, then you either see that it's empty or that there's a blockage or that you wan't to use the bullet that comes after this one for the next one shot(like if you're loading PS, HP, PS, HP or something), then you would just hit R while still in the animation of checking the chamber to pull the charging handle(or equivalent of chambering other weapons) and there you go.

You could have the same thing with loading mags(once there is an animation for it):
You go to estimate/check ammo in a mag. While in the animation, you press and hold R to start loading it with rounds from your pocket/rig. 
If you wanted you could just load one. Chamber it. And there's your chamber one round functionality.
Although maybe having a special animation for it(where applicable) would be nice for when you have a high mastery of that weapon.
It's just more of a QoL difference at this point I feel.

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