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Better storage for rigs/backpacks


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we need storage, lots of it.

I have the EOD edition and I have space issues with all the quest items. 30 packs of sigarettes, 30 cans of beef etc etc

all those computer parts, salewa etc etc.

how can a standard edition manage that?


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On 4/17/2018 at 5:54 PM, Gossinater said:

How about you can 'roll up' empty rigs and backpacks in order to better store them. Once rolled they can be placed in an items case.

I made that as a suggestion for backpacks being put in backpacks. Roll/scrunch up a backpack and only then can it be put into another backpack. +1 for similar ideas haha

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Resuming this topic as it looks like an interesting suggestion.

If we want to be realistic, and this game is all about that, let me say that storage is unrealistic when it comes to store backpacks inside  backpacks. Let me explain myself better with this video.

It makes no sense that inside and MBSS I can either store 16 items of 1 cell each, or 3 MBSS + 2 Duffles + 16 items of 1 cell. With this calculation we are claiming that MBSS and Duffles can occupy no space. 

What I propose is that if you want to store an MBSS inside another MBSS, you must fold it (wrapping should take some time when in raid). And of course, when you wrap an MBSS up it should become of lesser size (lets say a third or a fourth of its original size) and it should never allow to store items inside. 

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