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Forum RPG Team Gets a Little More Oranje


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Hello Escapers,

Today we take another step toward our ideal vision for the Forum RPG. We have finally managed to recruit the infamous @Oranje to the Forum RPG team. Oranje has been very active both as a player and as someone wanting the best for the RPG. He has been helping by testing and giving feedback. He accepted the calling and has stepped up into a role as a trainee Game Master. We are looking forward to working with him to make the RPG better for everyone. Here is a short introduction from Oranje himself:

Hello everyone,

Some of you might know me, most will not.
My name refers to my favorite color, orange, which is amusing in more then one way, the biggest being that i am Dutch, and its our national color (yes, the streets do turn that color whenever our national soccer team gets anywhere higher up in a tournament)

I have played games where diying carried some sort of penalty for as long as i can remember, it started with Ultima Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Eve Online among many others, and prefer them above those games where death isn't even an inconvenience.

Having played plenty of RPGs, i hope that the team will be stronger with me here, and it's probably also a way of getting me to stop shouting from the sidelines. Joking aside, i am really anxious to be joining the team working on this great game, and it's awesome universe.

This is me in short, please, if you have any questions, feel free to message me.


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