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Hey, developers!

Right now lots of details are by word-of-mouth and along the lines of "I just heard that.." So I'm thinking that a good ol' fat banner at the top of the forums would be beneficial for everybody. You could drop a quick status report on a patch taking a little too long, or even hot new announcements with a link to the announcement embedded in the banner itself. This could cover anything from Reddit and Twitter announcements, to Twitch streams involving developers and even things that are note-worth inside the forums themselves.

I honestly think this idea will help spread the information you want to faster, and more reliably that what is currently being done. Every informative source seems to be random and scattered across different media platforms. Having a source for all information developer-related in the home of your game, the forums, that lets us know where to look for anything we might be interested in could help eliminate this lack of information a lot of people are feeling.

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