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Possible Gamebreaking Interchange Bug


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Today we came under some interesting (but relatively ineffective) fire whilst in the parking garage area of Interchange. I do not wish to call haxxx so the name shall remain unknown, although I have taken note of it.

If I remember correctly this was at the south side, at the opening to the garage which looks out onto the perimeter wall with a large ramp and stacked shipping containers - there's one you can run right up inside leading to another container with a duffel bag inside. Sorry for the vague location, but hopefully you will understand where I'm talking about.

The 'bug' part of this post, is perhaps there is a way to see through the ceiling/walls and shoot 'through' at players on the other side, or from above (on top of the ramp). It may be a single-sided rendering issue similar to what we've seen with many games in the past. The player was also able to hit me when I was by the sandbags at the entrance/exit.

If you guys wish to go into this area, please be mindful of these spots, even better take a look if you go on top and see if you can look down through the floor.

I'll submit a proper bug report tomorrow once my PC is back on!

Part 1: https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyFamousSquidImGlitch

Part 2: https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulFunnyGoatBloodTrail

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