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Possible Hackers - List your suspects here!

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I've been playing this game A LOT, enough to determine when someone is wall hacking.
You know when you and your mate sit around dead silent long enough for someone to just pop around corners pre firing. 
Walking down the stairs and pre-firing through the gaps..
Pure skill right? 

Suspect #1: [Player name deleted]
If you come across this player, be mindful he is most likely running some wallhacks.

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Player name deleted
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don't think they are naming and shaming, they are aware of hackers and will sort it,  so don't go listing names on here, i am not sure if hackers or maybe bugs could be responsible, but devs are aware of the problem....

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Dear @elias111,

As stated many times, we do not accept any hacker report for the time being. 
Our anticheat will ban cheaters/hackers if they are really cheating. 
The player name has been deleted from your first post. Please refrain from posting similar topics in the future.




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