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Stash Management Suggestion

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Hey guys,

This is a suggestion written on build Great update so far guys!

This suggestions is regarding quality of life changes in player stash. 

The current problem: Currently when we buy and sell at the traders, especially when we buy attachment and ammo in bulk, the items we buy would be placed on the first available slot in the stash. As a result this make stash management a very big headache. You can have a perfectly organized stash, but as soon as there is empty slot at the top, for me it is the ammo section, the next time I buy attachments, meds or sell my loot, irrelevant items would take up slots that I reserve for ammo. Ofc I can always move those stuff to their respective area, but it is very time consuming and tedious. It is an unnecessary waste of time. 

Proposed suggestion: My suggestion would be to allow player to "draw areas" within the stash, to indicate where they want each category of item to go when they acquire it from traders. For example, they can make the top 5 rows reserved for ammo, the next 5 for meds, the next 5 for keys, the next 2 for money, etc. Ofc it does not have to be rows only. A scenario of this system take effect would be: let's say I partition my stash like above, I go and buy meds from Therapist, there are still plenty of slots open on the top 5 rows of my stash, but since I have indicated that meds go to the second 5 rows, the items that I buy automatically go to the meds area. Which save me time to move the items myself and keep the stash perfectly organized. 

Conclusion: I am not sure of the feasibility of the suggestion above, but I think it is compatible with your development path, since you guys are categorizing items already. There are attachment icon and magazine icon on the lower right corner of items. Ofc this suggestion is only applicable if the stash system stays as the current form in the final build. If you guys decided to go to another direction that is completely cool. I respect the hard work that the team is doing and as a Computer Science minor myself I totally understand the complexity and difficulty of software development. But to have a system that have a functionality like the one above would go a long way to improve player experience and overall impressiveness of the game.

Thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to any constructive discussion down below :)

Best regards,


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I actually just came here to make this suggestion it dawned on me today lol


Just allow me to designate areas to certain types of items and if there's 0 space then only will those slots be filled

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