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Steam release question


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23 minutes ago, UNSCgrunt226 said:

How long after the release of the game will it come to steam?

The last time info was given by the devs was that they are under discussion with steam about it and that they will have steam release sometime after the game has released.  Here is some more info:

On 4/4/2016 at 0:44 PM, Natalino said:


   Q: Will the game come on steam?

=> The game will be coming on steam sometime during Beta or after release of the main product.

   Q: If I buy the game here, will I get a key to activate the game on steam later on? 

=> Its a 50-50 chance and the dev's are working on the possibilities just to do so. Nothing yet. But if you don't you can just add the game as a non-steam game and use the overlay but unfortunately if there are any achievements, you won't be able to get them on steam.

   Q: Will server be same with steam?

=> Servers will be the same.

   Q: Will the price be the same on steam?

=> Nothing solid I saw so far but prices will not increase from info from now, I would say it will either be the same or even less. But nothing confirmed. (No reason for increase). But keep in mind that the game might not come on steam before release so there might not be a pre-order bonus. 

This is from my post and from Developers answers.  Full info can be found here.

P.S:  Please make sure to use the search function to see if the question of yours is already answered before creating a new topic so that there wont be multiple same posts.  Thank you and have a great time!

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9 minutes ago, heeroyuy said:

guys sry for nto being relevant but how can i open a new topic ??? 

Read on the link below please:


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