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We are a group of mature chill gamers. Our only things we ask is you to be 20+, respectful and chill. Our main rule is, do not be rude.

We play mainly EFT but we have people playing games from all genres. So we are happy to branch out if there is interest. 

CTAs mission is to bring people together that want to play with other respectful chill gamers. 


Little about CTA

We are a growing little community of like minded tactical gamers. 

Active NA group(nightly raids), working on getting more EU members. 

Mature adults only 20+

We have administrators and such so you can just "plug and play" unless you want higher rank. 

We use a military ranking system in our channel; recruit, private, major general etc. High roles having the most responsibilities.  

We train new people and take on vets. You can be trained in any role you would want from squad leader to the guy that covers our six. 


Little about you

Have game knowledge or be willing to learn(spawns and call outs)

Mature and 20+

No ragging for any reason, we keep a level head at all times to make sure everyone has a good time.

Be relatively active on EFT

Speak English fluently and have a mic


Join us and maybe together we can escape this cold horrid land they call TARKOV!  Any questions or concerns just reply here or PM me.

Here is the discord link ~ https://discord.gg/Pvv5wC2

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As the previous gifs showed Jets are being implemented into our system so the will also come included just for joining. We got people running raids during the day and nightly raids. 


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Have been playing in this group for about a week and it has changed my overall experience with eft. Used to play solo for almost 3 months until I found CTA. If your looking for a fun, friendly and tactical experience stop by in the discord.

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11/10 Can confirm. Excellent cohort to do daily evening raids with. Good mix of being focused on raid yet also relaxed. Recommend you check them out! 


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