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Couple of Suggestions

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1) Parties. The current party system is a little tedious, usually if I'm playing with a friend I will continue to play with that friend until they leave, or we both device to log off. Having to rejoin a part multiple times I've found is a little tedious. There should be a way to party with your friends, and not have to consistently rejoin each other every game. 

2) Would love to see some sort of compass to display your current direction/orientation.

3) Dehydration is a bit much, I feel like it could be toned down a little. A scenario I recently encountered: Got into a fire fight with a squad of 2 at Resort/Hospital, they killed my squad member. Managed to kill them and escape. Found medical bandaged and completely healed up. Everything but my right leg, which was incapacitated was at 100%. Headed for the Ruined House Fence on shoreline, as I got to the church my hydration hit 0, instantly got a pain/tremors in my head and my stomach was dehydrated. Died within 40 seconds even with additional medication.

That's all for now, love the game so far! :)

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