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Ideas to limit hatchet-runs

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At current stage of the game, we can see 2 main types of players. Ones, who do hatchet-runs to not risk with anything and gather as much valuables as possible and the others, who actually want to play the game. It wouldn't bother me if I'd see an hatchling once in 5 matches, but seeing alot of them every game is disturbing. It's painfun to watch, how careless they are and it's ruining the Tarkov environment for me and probably for many of us. This kind of meta just doesnt fit into this game.

So, here come the ideas (which are not meant to work together, just giving some options you can choose from):

  1. Make it impossible to put things into safe container during the raid, so you can only use keys/meds or whatever there is in your container, but not to insert anything there.
  2. Tax for using safe container - So pretty much like insuring your items, you pay for example 5000r per raid to bring safe container to the raid.
  3. Refine the safe-container system - Make the container system sort of, more realistic. Make some "hiding place" slots instead of containers, so the loot that is put into these slots are lootable, but there is only 1-5% chance per looter to find this stuff. Also, hiding your stuff during raid should take time as well as mag loading does. You can also link the looting skill with it so the more corpses you loot, the more possible it is for you to find that hidden stuff. Since the hidden stuff is lootable, you can't get your hidden items back instantly after you day. You should have to wait like an hour or two before prapor comes back with his dogs and your stuff :D . It would not only make hatchlings more careful, but it also makes gameplay/looting more exciting since you can find important items from player corpses too. 

So the new meta would be: No raid is safe :)

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Or 4. Stop complaining about hatchlings since even the devs have commented they want it to be an option and there's no legitimate reason to complain about at this point aside from netcode issues.

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With the way the healing system will be at release hatchet runs are going to be few and far between. It's just going to be too costly and not viable to do.

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I agree that hatchlings ruin the "immersion" aspect of the game, but taking away  the "safe" part of the safe secure container is not the solution IMO. This game can be frustrating already, but with an unsafe secure container you run the risk of loosing a keybar full of keys almost everyrun. Loosing a keybar full of keys is just way to much punishment for dying that would set you back at least 5 hours of just key farming. I feel like this could increase the amount of hatchlings, because now everyone is trying to get the keys back they just lost. The tax is a decent idea, but i think it should be based on the value of the items in the container when you complete the raid. For example if your container is full of nuts and bolts you get taxed like 100 roubles, but if your container is full of gas analyzers you get taxed like 20k roubles.

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hatchlings are fine. Its a legit tactic. One i dont use but  i get its value.


however, scavs should spawn as the round starts (they spawn too late now) and spawn at more random places as well, so theres always a chance of running into one. So hatchlings have to fight them on their way to loot.


its ok to run for the loot, but better to have to fight for it.

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IMO, hatchling is essential for the game. I have the standard edition  of EFT, and after some raids being killed, and having to buy back some weapons, I found myself with less than 50k rubles. But when I play as a "hatchling cutie who ruins the game" I go without any meds, and God it's stressful. Each gunshot seems incredibly dangerous, I have the alpha container, with a slot already used for a map. So yeah, I can stack money, but i can't take more than 2 other items at best. I've been chased once or twice, hearing bullets flying by, being shot, having to get to the extract with a bleeding limb. I don't find hatchets OP, I only killed one player who was reloading (dude was nearly reloading in the open, no remorses). Going on a raid with your melee only is a tactic changer. And I've never been killed by a hatchler.  Maybe by chance, maybe because I constantly look around, reducing the chance to being surprised by such players, i don't know.

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