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Spawning In next to other squads

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Just about Every Woods spawn I've spawned in with another team or two not more than 10 feet to my side. This is ridiculous. Constant spawn fights. If I'm not a part of a spawn fight I see the evidence of it everywhere. Would love to explore your maps and engage in tactical combat but we all just spawn in a relatively open woods section and immediately get into a fire fight. Pretty lame.

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Finally gaming again on EfT after the wipe.
I agree, it took me a lot of raids to kill thoses scavs for praptor because of spawn proximity...
I even spawn in front of another player ! Well not lucky for him I have been quicker, but I think he/she was so much surprised !

One advantage is that if you survive PMC fight at the begining, map is pretty clear after, even if Scavs are harder to kill now (which is a good point :) )

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