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Look to Rust for Netcode Help (Raknet!)

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Netcode is always a hot topic here on the EFT forums, but that has especially been the case over the last few days. Netcode is a very important factor in a game like this, and it’s a factor that could kill this game if it isn’t resolved as soon as possible.

Rust is always a game that seems to be brought up when comparing poor netcode to successful netcode, not just for EFT but other games as well like PUBG. I have not played Rust personally, but I hear it has minimal network lag despite having huge populations on servers. 

Rust is made within the Unity engine, just like EFT. Unity’s built in networking tools are not the best, Rust circumvented this by using a different tool to handle networking, Raknet. This tool clearly worked for Rust and I encourage BSG to look into this as a possible solution for the netcode issues present in EFT.


TL;DR: BSG should look into using Raknet, the networking program used by Rust

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