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Where is my KEYCHAIN (Alpha container bug)


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Hello there


I was giving my friend 2 salewas trough putting it into my Alpha container teaming up with him on shoreline.

Gave him 1 Salewa because he only needed 1 and killed him. took his dog tag. disconnected.


Then I went for a hatchet run on Customs with only Keychain and a Wallet in my alpha container
Went to the Marked room, took a RSASS

Went to room 114 looted some poo there, went to the trailer park and went to the "office" with the customs key

looted some more, then went out of the raid trough trailerpark

put my poo into my stash


then started a scav run in factory

killed some PMCs, looted a bit, went out

put my stuff into my stash

Scav run finished


Then I open up my stash to sell poo

and somehow im back with 1 Salewa and my friends dogtag in my alpha container?!



did someone got that before? that his characterlayout got like reset?

im so fuckin mad right now

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Same thing happened to me yesterday.

Geared my main and went on a scav run. I escape the raid trnasfert my stuff.

After that go to my main and bammmmm. Account rolled back 2 level and all the gear and the gamma container i had on my character was wiped...

I doubt the game dev will help us with this. Just farm for the marked key again and hope to find one.



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