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Create an ingame poll system for updates

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after the recent backlash by the community with the strength changes i suggest tarkov should have an ingame poll system similar too old school runescapes system (example: http://services.runescape.com/m=poll/oldschool/results.ws?id=1505 ) it commonly needs a 75% approval rating for anything to pass but has the option for the devs to change that percentage to their liking depending on what they are polling i think this could help the game tremendously, In my opinion it could also give a small reward (lets say 10k rubles as an example) when completing the poll to try and get more people to do it this is obviously up for debate on if it should have a reward system or not

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Please no. Hell no. Why would you let a community decide the path the devs want to take? Especially whilst the game is still in development. Furthermore, the polls you are talking about are content related, as in whether to add a scav boss in dorms for example, and not for core game mechanics.

The moment the devs are going to let inexperienced players decide these things I will go to their office and give them a stern look of disapproval.

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