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Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work


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We now have this thread created for you to share your weapon modifications. Escape from Tarkov is significant regarding modding weapons, and it is one of our best features. And we know you love doing that as well. So, this thread will be dedicated for you to show off your works with the community and us. Regularly, we will be selecting a couple of screenshots and upload it on our official Facebook page. We have created an album dedicated explicitly to this where you will see your screenshot posted and your name tagged on it. Sounds interesting? Drop your screenshots below! The higher the quality, the better! 

The Facebook album can be found by clicking here!

You can take screenshots in the game by clicking on the "Print Screen" (PrtScn) key on your keyboard. You can find the screenshots in your documents folder in "\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\Screenshots." Or you can use sites such as Imgur.

P.S: No phone camera captures, please.  xD 




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The "Small Horror"



That's the last one for now, wouldn't wanna spam :P 

more to follow when i got more mods/unlock more traders

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My go-to AKs and AK-mods as of level 22-23. Im waiting for the access to ZenitCo railed top cover and Aimpoint T1 Micro (unless there was something cooler added that I'm unaware of).

2018-04-26[22-07] (0).png

2018-04-26[22-07] (1).png

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