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Quest Items in raid vs off raid


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Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map?
I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task.
But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over.
It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.

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On 4/27/2018 at 7:01 AM, HappyCamper said:

That option exists. After extracting go to the Tasks tab on your character. You can move the items there.


He's saying why not make it automatic. I agree. it should just automatically move it to safety.

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