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Skill Balance - Soft Caps

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Quite a few threads relating to the strength wipe, power levelling, and macros lately. After watching the Talking Tarkov Podcast where Nikita mentions the Corprus disease in TES III: Morrowind, I got to thinking about how exploitable the skill system was in the TES games, and even others like 7 Days to Die, or Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There are quite a few posts in these threads asking for a points per level system, capping skills to player level, or doing away with skills all together. I'd rather not see it go that way so I've decided to put out my own suggestion.


Given the preference for approaching realism in all the game mechanics, I feel it would be more realistic to have a max skill cap for any of the physical skills be directly influenced by the other physical skills. Strength for example could be limited by Endurance and Metabolism and maybe at the high end, Stress Resistance (for max gains). Endurance could be limited by Health and Metabolism. The idea being that no one Physical skill can be min/maxed beyond related/supporting skills.


On the subject of min/maxing, power levelling, whatever you want to call it. Strength seems to be kind of a catch all kind of skill, and for all the benefits received for it, the work to accomplish progression is still only levelling one skill. Why would carrying a heavy backpack allow me to swing a melee weapon harder? Why would throwing grenades make me run faster? I propose that Strength be split into three separate skills, Legs, Core, Upper body. I feel this would better reflect the depth planned for PMC health & resilience and allow for a more accurate depiction of which benefits can be attained through actions performed in game.


I'd also love to see energy, food, and metabolism see a larger role in how physical skills are levelled. The idea that you aren't able to gain any strength because you haven't eaten your tushonka just tickles me. Thanks for reading!




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