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Banking and Cloudmining services.

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Would be interesting to have an ingame system of "investment" and deposit of money, which allows depositing sums of money to obtain a (more or less) small interest income.

You could decide to invest a certain amount of cash to obtain a profit in terms of interest (for example a 1% weekly or monthly, higher percentages for higher deposits)

A further service could be cloudmining: investing cash to obtain a counter-value in bitcoins over time, a sort of time-delayed conversion of Rubles/USD/EUR on  BTC. or even building your own rig with Graphics cards an pc part to mine BTC yourself!

In many countries on the brink of ruin citizens flee from normal banking institutions or replace them in their absence (i.e. Venezuela) by shifting part of their savings on cryptocurrencies

other services that I think less feasible could be the possibility of transferring cash on "offshore accounts" to save part of the savings during Wipes or the possibility of transferring fiat or BTC from player to player without the need to go in-ride for a physical exchange (obviously this would need to open a transaction account with related costs, credit card and pin to remember).

Sorry the maccheroni english, i hope i have wrote something interesting.

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