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Using the ammo spreadsheet for a web project

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Hey friends,

I wanted to put together a quick page to display the info in the ammo spreadsheet linked in this tweet. Mostly because I've been playing around with front end code lately and I really love the game (even though I'm a total noob lol).

I know that there was another person that got banned for creating a third party site that used game data without authorization. I'd really like to avoid doing that because I want to support the game and the community. I have no plans on monetizing the site regardless of how popular it becomes.

Is there an official stance on mining the game data, or a method for collecting data about the game? I would really like to be able to (in an accurate and supported way) be able to have a quick way to check armor load outs versus ammo types. As far as I know there isn't a way to collect this info without reverse engineering traffic or creating game packets, etc.

Again, not interested in making money or doing anything to cause a problem with the dev team. I really would just like to create a tool to help the community understand some metrics about weapons.


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