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Emissary from Egypt ( المبعوث المصري )


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Greetings to all,

I'm Ahmed Emissary from Egypt.

In this topic we'll share our ideas with players and developers, review their suggestions, and publish your announcements,

talk about our plans and report on what has already been done in the way of Escape from Tarkov promotion.

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43 minutes ago, BrandonS101 said:

Congrats! Hope yo see good things from you!

Thank you BrandonS101 :)

43 minutes ago, Blackb1rd said:

Congratulations, Emissary Ahmedmohamed!

Remember that in your topic you are free to talk using your native language as well as English. :)

Thank you Blackb1rd i will .:)

30 minutes ago, Avexum said:

Congratz on Emissary, have fun with your own section ;), make sure you let us know if people are breaking rules if its not english. :cannedmilk:

Thank you Avexum , i will make sure there is no one break the rules. :)

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2 hours ago, Starlight said:

لو سماحت, بدنا نعارف اكثر عنك, كيف وصلت لهون, إلخ...

احمد من مصر 28 سنه جيمر تقريبا مفيش لعبه في التاريخ ملعبتهاش ده غير الخبره العسكريه

وجودي هنا لنقل وجهات نظركم واقتراحتكم لتطوير اللعبه لمطورين اللعبه

Edited by Ahmedmohamed
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