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Too many Cheaters and hackers

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Greetings, I barely do any posts in game forums, but when i do, mostly is because of cheaters. I really like the game, it's really fun, especially playing against skilled players,but it gets boring when you meat these annoying cheaters. Sorry if this is a re-post or if such topic exists, but i couldn't figure it out in which one i should post.

Yeah most people will say that you're unskilled or a bad player, but it's a fact that flying player and super speed player isn't part of the game.

Here are screenshots of some possible cheaters i've faced, But besides these people i met a lot, but i can't screenshot them since i get backend error or game crashes. I'll explain in detail what kind of cheaters i met. (also one funny bug image :D )

1. Super speed - i silently waiting on spot, few times i noticed somebody ran with a lightning speed. Ok let's think that i imagined it, but everytime this happens i get lag spikes, like 1-2 second. and one time i got spiked, got spiked on the exact same second that cheater ran in front of me with a piligrim and fully upgraded weapons  :D. i meat 2-3 such cheaters everyday.

2. Wall c\hacks, Teleportation, scav and pmc together - wall hackers are many,  ok it is hard to prove that they are wall hackers or are using teleport, so me and my friend were playing shoreline and we were at station with tower, he was inside, i was outside waiting, I saw a scav player and my mate killed him, but he said that he noticed a second person with him, second person turned out to be a pmc, PMC and scav together? ok let's drop that scav and pmc together thing, after that i went inside, we were moving inside the building , when we got close to window he was shooting, he activated wall hack, how did he know our locations? we were moving on first and second floor. That's not all, before going in i went around the building, noone was there, when i got inside first time i saw him was on the tower, I started aiming at him, he disappeared and appeared on grass. There goes your teleportation. 

3.back end error and game crashes when i meet cheaters - when i'm almost possitive that i'm facing a cheater i get errors and crashes so we don't know his name who killed us.

4.cheaters hiding under scavs - most cheaters started playing under scav players, or pmc-s with scav names.

5. A flying scav with rocket speed. Couldn't print screen.

Too many cheaters in this game










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its beta and they are working on the anti-cheat. Aparrently there is a new release of some hack that causes this influx.

Maybe a free one instead of payed cheat package.

relax, take a breath and know most will be banned soon (tm)




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14 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

I barely do any posts in game forums, but when i do, mostly is because of cheaters.

So you should already know the answer if you ever searched for topics about cheaters on EFT Forum. :)

Dear,  @[email protected], if there are cheaters/hackers, the Anticheat (costantly under updates) will ban them hopefully sooner than later.
The screenshot above posted have been deleted in order to not fall in name shaming etc.

This is the last call, please refrain from posting similar topics in the future as you already know the answer. If you don't, then just refer to what I've written above.

Thank you so much for your understanding.


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