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M4 LVOA-C handguard not compatible with 260mm barrel


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I was building a few silenced M4's when I noticed that you cannot use the 260mm barrel with the longer LVOA handguard the C varient. I do not see the restrictions that each item would have on each other on the M4 they do not clip and I'm sure you could have the longer guard over the shorter barrel IRL. Yes, maybe attaching muzzle devices would be tedious IRL but that is what tools are for

I would like to hear some reasons for that change and get other peoples opinions on this restriction. I like having the 260mm barrel with a KAC QDSS NT-4 silencer inside the LVOA-C as it makes the gun look cleaner.

It would be nice to get this restriction removed but I am open to hearing why this may be restricted IRL.

Images to show what I am talking about: https://imgur.com/a/8fePDUD

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I assume it is because irl, unless you are running a suppressor that went past the handguard, all the gases escaping from the barrel would hit the handguard and possibly damage it. Those gases are hot, and prolonged fire would then transfer that heat to the handguard and from there to any attachment/bodypart unlucky enough to be in the area. 

I see in the screenshot that you are indeed trying to run it with the suppressor (it indeed looks awesome like that) but perhaps the DEVs haven't coded that exception in, if at all.

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