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I know this has been asked before but I can not find a concrete answer from a BSG staff member so I am asking it here in the hopes of gaining one, when the title is deployed on Steam will BSG be issuing Steam keys to current backers? I have friends that are interested in purchasing the title but will not commit until they hear an answer on this from me and I can not give one. All I found was a senior forum member stating a 50/50 chance but he or she was not a mod or staff member. Myself I can not justify dropping more money after committing to the EoD already here, it is a big chunk of change and I feel demonstrates how I overall feel about this title (even if I complain from time to time, I love the game).

I hope you do this as it shows that you value us as customers by not making people that invested into your title, going through wipes helping test the beta, and overall help be forced to buy into the game again to enjoy the benefits of Steam. This game will explode when you deploy it there and that is a happy thought, I want to associate a knowledge of knowing I will not have to pay again when that happens and not have that event spoiled with a bad aftertaste. So this is a fan humbly asking what I am sure the majority of your fan and player base wants, assurance that you will take care of your loyal player base when the day comes. Other titles have done it and I know you would have to go an extra step to make it happen but again, here is to hoping it does. Cheers and keep on keeping on, I see this IP dominating the sale charts one day and you would be surprised at how many FPS friends I have that have never heard of this title and once they do they are full of eager questions.

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Well you are currently paying to pre order the game and this gets you early access to the beta. So if you are paying for a pre-order I would guess that you still get the game on full release day without paying extra.

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