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Suggestion: Swiss Bank Accountant Trader and Swiss Bank Account

What Do You Think of Something Like This?  

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  1. 1. Trader Levels and Items for Sale

    • I really like it
    • I like some parts, but not others
    • Ambivalent
    • Dislike Most
    • Dislike the Whole Thing
  2. 2. PO Box and Swiss Bank Account

    • I love both
    • I like both but no interest on the Account
    • I only like the PO Box
    • I only like the Swiss Account
    • I only like the Swiss Account without Interest
    • I dislike both
    • Ambivalent
  3. 3. Safety Deposit Box

    • Love It
    • Like it, but needs work
    • Ambivalent
    • Dislike It

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I decided to Crosspost this from Reddit since I know there has been a schism lately and someone mentioned it might be a good idea:


So, you're an international PMC, getting all sorts of cash, valuables and riches. What do you do with them? Store them under the bed of course!

Obviously not. But I was thinking about how money takes up a huge amount of space and I had an interesting idea how to remedy that. Mercs wouldn't be hoarding it, they'd be putting it in an untraceable account for safe keeping.

This solves one major problem: Inventory space. Standard players don't have much and money can rapidly accrue. This wastes time on inventory management and can be frustrating. Especially with keybars and the like.

It solves another major problem: Poverty. I'll get into this later.

For the Swiss Banker, my idea is this: All currency purchases will be moved to him and based on level. The description of how the account works is at the bottom. For levels, It goes as follows:

Trader Level 1

  • Converts Rubles to Dollars and Dollars to Rubles
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Basic Swiss Account
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Small (Store Valuables and Extra Money outside of your inventory. This would be instant withdraw, not in your inventory, but it gains no interest. You could put whatever you wanted in here with the exception of weapons, mods and things of that nature. The box would cost a certain amount of money per month based on level, which will increase slightly due to more space. You would be able to 'lock' the box and not make a payment, but you would be unable to withdraw until you paid the balance)*
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Wallet
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Small (Allows you to put items into it to trade to other players. Same restrictions as Safety Deposit Box, except much smaller fees)

Trader Level 2

  • Converts Rubles to Euros and Euros to Rubles
  • Converts Euros to Dollars and Dollars to Euros
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Premium Swiss Account
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Medium
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Medium
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Horse Figurine
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Cat Statue

Trader Level 3

  • Sell Valuables Case (Store Figurines, Clocks, Gold chains, Rolexes, Bitcoins, etc.)
  • Sell Money Case
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Private Swiss Account
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Documents Case
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Gold Chain
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Clock/Expensive Art
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Large
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Large

Trader Level King

  • Converts Dollars to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Dollars
  • Converts Euros to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Euros
  • Converts Rubles to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Rubles
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Untraceable Swiss Account
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Keybar
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Rolex
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase Safety Deposit Box: Very Large
  • Quest Unlock - Purchase PO Box: Very Large
  • Quest Unlock - Upgrade Safety Deposit Box: Illegal Storage (Allows you to store weapons, grenades and other dangerous items)
  • Quest Unlock - Upgrade PO Box: Illegal Storage (See above)
  • I just put other valuables for purchase just in case they are made available for quest trades later on. Here's how I think Swiss Accounts should work:

Swiss Account

Based on the level, you are allowed to put in a certain amount of money of each type. Depositing the money takes a certain amount of time, like insurance. Based on the account level, the speed of transaction increases with better accounts. Once there, it accrues interest based on the level of the account. This would help with people losing lots of money with no means to get more.

The money in the Swiss Account is unavailable to purchase anything, as it is stored in a network in order to prevent it from being stolen. You have to withdraw your money in order to use it, which again, would take time depending on the level of the account. Interest rates might be tied also to trader favorability, trust and things like that. However, things can quickly become unbalanced by dumping money into the economy. To combat this, fees would be instituted whenever you move money. The higher level the account and the more money you move, the more fees you get hit with. The fees reflect paying off people to move illegally earned money undetected. This would provide insulation to the economy and prevent money hoarders from ruining it or dumping cash. It would also allow smaller players to reap more benefits, as players down on their luck wouldn't be hit nowhere near as hard. The real purpose of interest is to counter bad luck, RNG or just learning the game. Its intent is to not make people super wealthy, but to provide a buffer for bad streaks. That's why the fees are there.

Saftey Deposit Box

Another method of offsite storage, here you can stash quest items, money, valuables, geiger counters, meds, etc. Money will not gain interest however. Withdrawal is instant. However, there will be fees depending on how big the box is to offset this advantage. The fees get more and more expensive as your box gets bigger. It would be a monthly or weekly fee, no matter if you use it or not. However, if you don't use it that much, you can 'freeze' it, which means you no longer have to pay any fees. However, once frozen you can't take anything out of it or put things into it until you pay what you owe. To prevent items from being permanently locked out in a worst case scenario, you could remove/sell/get rid of your box, maybe for a lower fee than unlocking. However, you'd have to buy it again and the fees would increase for a time, just like going bankrupt. If you dislike the box, you can either sell it or give it up

PO Box

Trading in this game is difficult. The PO Box would be a box for trading only, where you pay a much smaller fee, only as long as something is in it. This is for trading and you can give access to this box to another player. That way you don't have to drop things on the ground in game.


I think this would be a good compromise, helping with inventory spaces and grinding for items. It adds another layer to the economy, removes frustrating inventory management, and provides some quality of life issues and makes losing less frustrating since you know you've got money in the bank and you won't go poor. Let me know what you guys think.

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Please give some context to the poll titles.... I have no idea what it is you want me to vote on. haha, post this it refreshes and you have, kudo's.

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I dont think this makes much sense lore wise, but nice idea.

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