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Skill Balancing - Equal Opportunity and Balancing.

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Skills, useful and needed for Escape. Usually included in anything "RPG" related. Skills are pretty overwhelming to level, and yield a powerful reward if completed to max. What if everyone could have these rewards? What if it was easier to obtain? What if this post was just useless in general? Who knows, only one can find out...


NOTE: Hideouts apparently will have various ways to include leveling your skills as well but, I imagine we are a long ways away from getting hideouts. 


---------------Obtaining faster XP/Elite---------------


  • Skills should be leveled with actual player level - This is one option that honestly makes the most sense. As you progress that is how they will level up as well. Does it take away the aspect of leveling skills one by one and rewarding you for hard work? Yes. However, it makes the playing field near perfect for everyone. 


  • Quest Rewards - Simple, quest give points towards skills. 


  • Daily Missions - Daily missions are planned, why not allow some of these to help level up skills? Complete the task and it will help you gain additional XP towards skill it would reward. While this is effective it would still take time to eventually hit elite. 


  • XP for Escape - Right now you get a multiplier for XP in general (to level your character) for Escaping. I believe its 0.5 instead of 0.1 (This may have changed.) In game if you live beyond 30 + minutes while doing certain task to level up a skill you gain additional XP for it. KIA, Left, or Ran Through grants ZERO. 

The following suggestions above are for one purpose. To allow people to easily gain XP while still doing something. Its very clear glitches that are abused by exploiters have elite status skills in current game version/wipe. Its very clear that elite status skills are quite powerful, and instead of removing skill improvise by allowing others to achieve the same status.


---------------Balancing skills/elite---------------


Below here we are basically going to turn up the "RPG" aspect of the game by allowing players to wisely choose there skills. The goal of this to allow players to have free will to choose how they want to play the game while balancing things so one can't be "cheek breeki broken" status.


  • Only allowing 1-3 elite skills active at once - This includes if you somehow have leveled every-single skill in the game. Now why this? Max strength, endurance, health. You are personally a great killing machine for CQC. However, you aren't much of a survivor like the man who has Stress resistance, Metabolism and First aid he can live through just about anything that comes at him..as long as a bullet doesn't enter his head. Maybe...you wanna just be a treasure hunter and loot items quickly, and obtain more from a usual load so you go into Attention, Charisma and Searching. AKA This would allow some special types of roles. NOTE: This would NOT effect weapon mastering. 


  • One elite skill unlocked immediately every 15 levels - As above, if you could have 3 elite skills max you could have all 3. Maybe just one, this idea plays with the note above. 


  • Character Creation Skill - What if we could automatically have one skill off the bat? Would you choose better health, healing, strength, endurance, maybe be greedy and get looting? Its up to you.


This was a small write up, and obviously no matter how great it sounds on paper it could have consequences in game. What do you all think? I just hope you enjoyed the read, never cage your mind as it can imagine great things. How do you think Escape was made? ;)


- Cobearz

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Skills should be leveled with actual player level

While it'd probably be the most fair in a PvP aspect, I feel this would make the skill and levelling system way too bland and lose a lot of depth. I wouldn't like this personally. One of the main aspects that brings me back to Tarkov daily is its depth.


Quest Rewards and Daily Missions

These could make sense if you worked on the idea some more. Personally, I'd suggest randomized tasks close in spirit to what  the Punisher task line is, perhaps. For instance, Prapor giving you a task to kill X amount of scavs with DMRs and giving you a boost to your skill when you turn it in. Or heal X amount of hitpoints for a boot to Health. These could make sense in Tarkov.


XP for Escape

I don't feel rewarding players for staying in raids longer is a great idea. Different players play at different paces, and while some might be out 10 minutes in, some may take it real slow and leave close to the raid end. The way skills develop at the moment is fine, by doing actions related to that skill. But I do feel there needs to be a fair amount of tweaking at the pace skills level up.
Since this patch started, I got to lvl 41 on my PMC, and my strength is just at lvl 4. This means I'm still overweight on most raids by just picking up one or two guns. I don't see any point to even trying to level up my strength skill in raids because it is so painstakingly slow. So I just go overweight.
Endurance and mag drills have the same problem.

I think a fair solution to these is making skills plenty faster to level up, just not instant. And possibly have them be capped by your character level? I think I remember Kotton mentioning this as an option and it seemed very agreeable.


Character Creation Skill

The way Tarkov plays and feels, I just feel like the only way PMCs could differ at the start is looks. I think it would be best if everyone started on the same base level for everything, and build up from there. I like the game to be hard, but also be rewarding that way, when you make progress. Under the same light, I feel capping the amount of Elite skills a player can have is detrimental for that rewarding feeling when you finally achieve an Elite level.

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