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[CONTEST] Alpha Access - Story Time

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Hello Everyone!

Please note this contest is only available to anyone who does not already have access to Escape from Tarkov Alpha Access.

DISCLAIMER - Refrain from any trolling, post your piece but try to keep the back and forth chatter to a minimum; breaking the rule will be a disqualification, please keep the posts clean for review.

Contest Rules: Just tell a story, maybe it was one you had encountered in DayZ that made your heart race, or a story you've thought up in your head dreaming of what you'll do once you wonder around in Tarkov.

Pretty simple contest, a lot of my best moments came from Infestation: Survivor Stories, back when it was called WarZ.. Anyways, hope to have many more to tell while venturing in Tarkov, and one of the lucky contestants will win a key by Sunday morning (To hopefully get some game time in before end of weekend), or Monday morning if the contest doesn't have much attention.

This key is only valid for access during Closed Alpha Period.


The winner is @Kleanuppguy, Congrats!  You will have the key in a PM fro me.

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Complaining about different stories from playing is so nice. No matter what game. For me, most funny stories are from DayZ as you said already and ArmA itself because everyone knows that this game is an always alpha build and there are many bugs that make the game even more funny (most time at least).

Thanks for the oppertunity to access the alpha for those who havn't that much money like me. :D

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It was my first time playing Dayz, the server time was late in the evening, the moon was starting to rise and the repetitive soundtrack added a lot of suspense to the game atmosphere. It was a time in which the cities were crouded with zombies. Looting was hard but rewarding, requested of people some patience to not attract the creatures attention. While running throught the coast I have found a body full of "goodies", useless things that, at that time, I considered to be gold. Perhaps there was even a weapon with the body but I was so new to the game I didn't really pay attention to the surroundings, all I cared was about the flares I found inside the backpack.

Completely immersed in the game and taken by the most ridiculous inocence I had an idea that could have worked in the real world. I climbed the highest building I found and started the flares all together. The place became a christmas tree and soon it got crowded with zombies, but It was ok, because I thought somebody would see me in the dark and join me in the harsh ordail of surviving at that post apocalyptic world. Somebody has indeed found me and shot me in the head with a sniper.  


Sorry for english is not my native language.

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There was a time when a friend of mine and I played this new game, called War Z (as Drakkaar mentioned you can find it today under the name Infestation: Survivor Stories). We were totally new to the game and started only with our flashlights, gathering some supplies but mostly different kinds of headgear. I guess there was something wrong with the loot spawning . Anyways we were walking for hours not knowing the map or even the direction we were going, as we heard gunshots. We were near a small building complex which was surrounded by a concrete wall. We called this location the headgear base (in German: “Hutlager”), because all we have looted there until now were, you may guessed it already, various types of headgear.

As we approach the site, we noticed a bunch of guys trapped inside the compound and getting shot at with automatic rifles by a group of other players from higher ground. The attackers had large backpacks and military grade gear, literally everything you could ever dream of. The trapped defenders looked exactly like us, yellow construction worker helmet, melee weapon and a small standard backpack.

This was our chance! While the shooters were busy spraying their bullets all over the poor bastards inside the building, we took a long hike upon us, so we could flank the shooters  from even higher ground. Now there were only a few meters between them and us without any trees or bushes to use as cover. Our hearts were beating insanely fast while we approached them from behind, only equipped with our hammers, pretty much the standard melee weapon in this game. We then slowly crouched towards them until we were a stone throw away, we counted to three and then jumped onto them. Screaming in Teamspeak we started beating this hardly trained looking military guys with our hammers. We caught them by surprise and dropped the first one with a few fast strikes to the head, before the others could react. Although they now started to wildly shoot around, we were able to finish the remaining two with the might of our hammers and the killer instinct of a true survivor.

There was so much loot lying on the floor, I almost couldn’t believe it. I started looting this pile of gear, smiling like a child on christmas... then I realized, they had killed my mate. It was heartbreaking, he was dead, and there was too much loot to carry on my own. I quickly had to choose only the most valuable loot, like weapons and ammunition and then get the hell out of there. It was certain the gunshots attracted looters or even worse.

I started to run towards the treeline, which I could barely see because of the nightfall. Without orientation and without any source of light I wandered through the forest in the complete darkness.

Meanwhile my mate spawned with another one of his characters and was running towards me to cover me while I was trying to get all this gear to a safezone. Man, I almost shot him accidentally as we met in the woods!

We then managed to reach the nearest safezone without making any contact with zombies or survivors, mainly because we took a route so far away from any loot sources or potential danger zones, that it took almost an hour to get there.

I can't describe the adrenaline rush I had all this time. When we logged out to save the gear, I noticed my hands were all sweaty. They didn't stop shaking for quite a while.

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I'll talk about Miscreated, which albeit very simple is my favourite survival game out there. And I'll tell you a story about a specific community that is strictly roleplay oriented.

I'd spent a few hours in the main city up north looting the police station, the gas stations, restaurants and hotel and finding all sorts of gear when I read a notification for a monthly meetup. Apparently all players were meeting at the Southern airfield to just hang out, so I got on the way. When I arrived we were easily 20 guys just joking around with a bunch of vehicles and pretty good gear. Then we hopped on each other's transport trucks and moved somewhere else to get a group picture, we had our guns drawn and we could kill each other at any time, but we didn't because we trusted each other. When it was all over we each followed our way and agreed not to bother one another for 30 minutes.

So yeah, it was nothing too exciting but I really liked the fact that people would trust absolute strangers for a group picture to go on the server steam group despite the fact there was nothing stopping us from a bloodbath. All it took was one rogue agent. It was kinda like our Christmas truce.

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A foggy mist had rolled in with the evening and settled across Pleasant Valley. My brother and I decided to take advantage of the inclement weather to gather supplies from within the city, our only hope being that one of the many roving clans that dominated the area wouldn't be on the hunt. As we gathered up our supplies, we discussed our plan for the night. I slung my trusted .308 over my shoulder, pumped the action on my 12 gauge and headed out into the twilight.

We had both been military, real gunslingers, in our previous life, before this damned virus swept the land. Thrust from a battlefield across the sea, to a war right here in our own backyard. We relied heavily upon the training we had gained from our time in the desert. We began our scouring in the residential neighborhood that stood to the east of the city. House by house, room by room, we carefully and methodically cleared each. The houses were cleared out for the most part, we found a can of food here or there, but nothing of note. Discouraged from the slim pickings, we made the hard call and pushed further into the city. Gunshots sang out on the south end, but we had no intention of wandering that way.

A pair of high rise apartments stood in the distance. The opportunity was ripe for the taking, but we knew the risk was high. I attempted to talk my brother out of it, we had a long walk back and it was already getting late. There was no reasoning with him, we were going in. We were able to sneak past a few of the rotting undead that lingered outside the foyer, and we began a tactical sweep of the lower floors. *Creeeek* My ears snapped towards the sound of a door opening on the floor above us, my skin flushed and heart began to beat faster. I took up a position of cover to watch the stairwell, moments later a young woman crept down the stairs. She had nothing on her but the clothes on her back, but her eyes widened with fear. I kept her covered as I nodded at her to continue on down the stairs, she wasn't worth the shell. I heard the door to the main exit slam behind her as she ran from the complex, we were clear....or so I thought.

The sound of a truck engine, a shotgun blast, blood curdling scream. The girl hadn't made it far. Full adrenaline dump, flash backs of the desert, the devil was upon us. One of the clans that dominated the area was here, right on top of us, we were trapped. I took up a position on a balcony overlooking the parking lot, while my brother began his descent down to the lower floors. There were only 3 bandits that I could make out. They were all out of the truck, standing around the mangled corpse of the girl from earlier, just laughing. How could only a few weeks of this damn wasteland turn people so inhuman. She begged for her life, and then said the words that took my breath away. "There's two more inside."   I lined up crosshairs on the one with an assault rifle. My heart beat out of my chest, our lives depended on me connecting with this shot. I hear my brother's whistle go out, just as we had rehearsed for situations like this. All 3 of their heads snapped towards the sound . The crack of my rifle rippled through the air as man's head turned to pink mist. The others ducked for cover as they tried to locate where the shot came from. I chambered another round and waited.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see my brother creeping around to their flank. I fired off another round into barrier they had crouched behind, as long I kept them suppressed, he'd be able to get into position. My brother managed to get into position and start laying down rounds. He kills one in an exchange of fire, and I hear him scream out in pain as the other turns to flea towards the apartment. My brother is wounded, but I'm unsure how bad. The last remaining bandit was coming right for me. I set up on the stair well with my shotgun and waited. In his panicked state, he never stood a chance. A single blast to his chest cavity blew him against the wall and he slumped.

I grabbed the bandits pack ran out into the parking lot. There I saw my brother slouched against a concrete barrier holding his arm. Blood poured from the wound, this was bad. I triaged the wound as best as possible with the meager supplies still left in our medical kits. He was about to lose consciousness, we'd never make it out of here on foot. The gunshot wasn't fatal, unless we couldn't exfil. The truck... I remembered as the slow rumble of it's idling engine jogged my memory. I scooped up my brother and carried him to the truck. I tossed him inside and ran to grab the packs and weapons of the other bandits. I had to hurry, I could hear vehicles revving in the distance. Our gunfire had drawn unwanted attention. I hopped inside the truck and floored it. I killed the headlights, praying nothing was on the path in front of us. I see headlights in the distance closing in on us...but then by some miracle they turn into the parking lot we had just left. We were in the clear, we were going to be fine.

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When I first played Arma 2, DayZ mod. I had one of the most fun experiences. I watched other you tubers play DayZ so I know that the dankest loot was at the NWAB (North West Air Base) so I spawned in Electro and set my adventure there. I spawned in ran around the city looting for a better gun/ammo and basic food, I then made my move towards Staroye to find a vehicle to make my adventure quicker. but along my adventure a group of bandits in there cars saw me and told me to do the common "Drop your gear" till I was naked then  told to get in the car and they took me to a barn/farm house (one with the white walls and blue roof with the two 2nd floors on each-side) that was surrounded with barbwire fences and they had about 3-5 other naked people inside and little did i know i was in this cherno concentration camp/fight ring these group of bandits do often on the server. I was pick to prove my self and so I had to find another lost soul in a round of fisty cuffs, but in mid match all i could hear was this loud sound coming in the distance and then in about half a second a rain storm of bullets hitting the wood, walls, ground and bandit's saying "Oh F##k it's Hero's" followed the sound of cocking guns and the fire fight ensued, I knew this was my only chance of escape so i vaulted over the fence's taking damage and bleeding then I  ran towards the woods and hid in a bush to wait for the battle to end. What it looked like was a bunched of heavily armed guys jumping out of a liitle bird/humming bird and slowly advancing taking out the bandit's. with one group of the bandits fighting and another fleeing with the cars and the naked s running wildly around and getting gunned downed when trying to loot or just running in to the woods never to be seen again. then the Hero's took a few deaths but immediately took chase after the remaining bandits. So  with no one there I looted some of the bandit bodys and got my self better cloths, bandages, food/water and a rifle with ammo. then i booked it in to the woods heading towards mogilevka to get more water. after a few minute/hours running I found a blown car wreckage with another car not blown up not to far, so this time i was being cautions and i saw a guy repairing the car and it was one of the bandit's and I saw my opportunity to get back at these guys and sneaked up behind him and told him "Don't turn around or your dead." which he whipped around and i gunned him on full auto not knowing and shoot more rounds into the car. which means i had more repairing to do then after a quick repair I continued my adventure to NWAB, then about half way there I ran out of gas and water which i was desperately trying to find. I found water but no gas so I had to run the rest of the way I took a straight shot to Grishino so I would avoid the main roads. after running for a while i made it there to be greeted by a big zombie hoard which I wasted most of my rounds on this time on semi, then left the area asap so no players would find me because I was so close to my objective. I found a car parked in the wood between Grishino and the airfield which I took and drove onto  the tarmac of the airfield and I went from hanger to hanger dodging all the zombies till I got to the barracks and industrial area and started looting. I was then discovered by a guy in full ghilly and he said "hey I'm a Friendly guy are you?" which I said "Yes" then he helped me loot the area and he said here let me give you better gear at my base (In my mind I though man this is a really nice guy) then he took me into the woods around Bashnya I think and he had a camper, tent and another car. we got out and he gave me some gear and food and asked if he could take some of my blood because he hit a tree while driving. i said yes and you know it's fair he gave me that dank loot I was looking for so I let him take some of my blood and I asked if i could have a bandage to stop the bleeding which he gave me, and so I used it to stop the bleeding but it was all trick to take my blood and he tried to hit me with his axe when I was in the animation to bandage my self and he hit his car which I whipped around to get an axe in the face and I died, He told me in chat that he almost killed him self by blowing up one of his cars. I was a bit salty because I felt betrayed and went through all that trouble to get killed by an axe, after looting cherno this time I found the hero guys that saved me at the bandit concentration camp/fight ring and told them about the bad man in the woods that like to take blood. which they gave me gear and told me to get in the heli to hunt him, we saw his camper on the airstrip and he must of heard us and jumped into his Camper which we chased him until he hit a tree and swerved in to a pond/lake which we got out and shot his camper up till it blew up and found him limping out of the water which i then ran towards him with an axe saying " Hey I need some Blood! " and then axed him back which on mic he raged at how cowardly I was for getting a group of heros and stuff then he quit. then the rest of my night I grouped up with the hero's and stopped all the bandit's plan we could until I noticed it was 5am and Iv'e been playing for 12 hours straight. But this is one of my best story I have which molded from being a bandit type person to a hero type that like helping and giving things to player I meet along my way that don't act like bandits.

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Dont have the most in depth storys like the others but I remember the days of just camping the airstrip with my buddys for hours and we would just talk about random poo waiting for people. Some of the best moments in gaming for me once the action started it was all hands on deck to kill them and get the loot.

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As written by a traveler..

Day: 0 Again..

Started up again on this coast, this time at a town called Kamyshovo, or at least that's what my rough translation makes it out to be. I don't know why but this whole place is like a bad dream, every time I die, I reappear on this coast, with little to no recognition as to what happened at the time of my death, but I always remember the geography, the hills, the forests and the mountains. I need figure out whats keeping people here, like some kind of higher power is controlling us, holding people in Limbo. For now all I know is I am not safe in most of these towns.. If the Infected don't get you, someone worse will come along and find you. Its funny, it almost seems easier to live among the Infected ones, at least they're intentions are straight forward, people will pretend to be your friend first before they try to eat you..

Day: 2 Game

I've made it off that coast finally. Some group of crazies tried to rob me of my make shift back pack with a couple of what looked like sharpened rocks. Luckily I pulled a fast on of them when they were bickering about who was gonna get to use the backpack. Not like I couldn't of handled two Idiots with stone knives, but it wasn't worth it. Fools don't realize their pettiness cost them something. poo, in their eyes I could've been their next meal. Makes me sick thinking about it, yet I strangely understand their need for survival, even when going to the extremes. Now people are the game, the hunt, and the hunters. Some even enjoy playing with people before they kill and eat them. Strange actually.. Back when I was young and used to hunt with my father, we always talked about the importance of nature, using every part of the animal and how it needed to be conserved and used when needed. We used to treat life so importantly, even to beings not human. Guess the Marines desensitized me over the years. During the war I just became.. numb to it. They nicknamed me "Kleanupguy" for a reason... compound after compound.. village after village.. just scrubbed clean like a sponge on a dirty dinner plate, always creating a clean slate for the next meal. Funny, it's almost as if I am paying for the sins of my past, here, starting over and over again with a Klean slate.

Day: 5 Black Forest

Finally I'm in an area that seems new to me. I passed a sign that roughly translated to, Black Woods, or Black Forest. Black Forest sounds better, so we'll call it that. As I was making my way up the road North past the sign I stumbled upon a small shrine. It was made of red brick, and cross atop it like a Christmas tree has a star, and seemed to have enough room for a few people to be in it together at a time. Seemed, cozy.. So i decided to stay there for the night since is was already dusk. I managed to get a decent amount of sleep.. felt like I was being watched all night.. then again I always feel like that here. This Black Forest almost seems to move at night.. almost in an unnatural way as the wind blows, the trees twist and undergrowth moves along slowly, sluggishly rolling.. But that could've been the hunger getting to me.. I've yet to eat for about a day now and I've been traveling more frequently then normal. I only have two rounds for this Winchester, I think ill go out for a hunt and see what this Black Forest has to offer.

Day: 5 The Offering and The Sacrifice

These damned woods hardly have anything in them! I went out all day and couldn't find a single pair of tracks or any sign of an animal. The hungrier I am getting the more and more I am beginning to understand those cannibals. But I'd rather die and do this all over again then steep that low. Guess some people cant handle the pain of hunger. Cowards. Upon making it back to the shrine, to my surprise, on the alter there were the remains of an animal. Bones, a pelt, and to my luck a few steaks of what looks like venison. I set my rifle down next to me, and drop my pack, grab a piece of cloth, and walk over to the alter to grab those juicy steaks. I wrapped them nicely in the cloth and was about to turn around and put them in my pack.. click That sound.. that amazingly terrifying sound. Growing up, my dad gave me a Colt .357 Python, he used to let me play with it and mess around with the hammer.. The sound was one in the same. Feeling stupid and realizing my hunger gave me tunnel vision, I completely let my guard down and forgot to realize that someone had JUST put these here. I set the wrapped steaks on the alter and slowly raise my hands up, "well, go ahead, shoot. Not like it'll make a difference".. He responded, "You've desecrated this shrine and its offering. A sacrifice must be made". His voice was like a growl of a dog, or a wolf, its like a could feel the sharp cut of his voice, like a knife down my back. I replied, "Go on then, Make your sacrifice". He chuckled like a hyena, "No, not you. The others. The ones down on the coast you feel to pitiful to clean up yourself, they see themselves as hunters! Yet they prey on the weak and feeble. They feed of their bones.. flesh.. They know not of the Hunt. But you... you've desecrated the offering of the Black One. And you must pay it, one way or the other". What in the duck is this mad man talking about? He's obviously gone bat poo insane! "Just kill me and get it over with! Go on! Make your sacrifice!". I was so hungry I'd rather just die at this point. After a long pause and nothing but silence.. I slowly begin to look over my shoulder while trying to not make and sudden movements. And to my disbelief, I am looking at an empty door way. What the duck just happened? Did that actually happen? Or am I so hungry I just hallucinated all that.. How could he have known the ones I escaped from at the coast? Only way this makes sense is if I imaged him.. At least I can eat these steaks now, or at least I told myself that. As I unfolded the cloth from the venison I wrapped up.. I could feel a foul odor consume the shrine. I almost vomited the nothingness in my stomach. The meat, rotten and tainted, looked as if it had been sitting in this hot shrine for days on end. I quickly grabbed my pack and gear and left the shrine, moving onto the next town in hope of some food and supplies.

To be Continued..

The Forest is Watching

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I had been in Chenarus for a few months and I was just starting to learn the best locations to scavenge. It was late in the afternoon one day and I had just finished up at the Balota airfield. I was now in the tents outside and I had acquired some good stuff, and I had an M4a1. Military. I had a scope, a silencer, and lots of ammo. The future was bright! I evaded a few dead ones and noticed that a voice had popped up on my radio.  I had left it on a random frequency, just in case somebody was out there. I greeted them and they told me they'd like to meet up. It was two guys, and they seemed friendly enough. I told them what kind of gear they had and they said, "Okay, we'll meet you at the gas station a few clicks east. Heheheh" They kept doing this. Chuckling at weird time. I guess they were just high or they were just happy guys. I started to make my way over to the gas station.

They stopped responding when I asked them questions, only answering me every few minutes. Maybe they had trouble with zombies. I kept going to the gas station, noticing how quiet it was. Usually i found a few people wandering around, but today, the roads were empty. Strange. I decided to abandon the road out of caution and stuck to the trees instead. 

Same story, too quiet. No walkers anywhere. I tried to move a bit slower and take in my surroundings more. I kept hearing faint voices, whispers. Leaves would rustle from different directions. When i heard something I would stop and look around. Nothing. I saw the gas station. I walked in and there were four people, sitting in various places.

"Um, hey guys?" I said  "I thought there were only two of you?"

"Oh yeah, haha, we found these jokers a few minutes ago, man. Don't worry about it. They're cool"

"Alright" I said. I sat down

Nobody said anything. I thought that maybe we were waiting something but then I caught the glances. They were all looking at me. Something was going to go very very bad very very fast. I reached for my rifle. I tried to subtly thumb the fire selector. The mag was already in, the gun was now on full. These guys all had more gear than me. Kalashnikovs, body armor, helmets. There's no way I could have gotten them all without getting the drop on them. 

*DING* I got hit on the back of the head, and I dropped my gun. I felt cold steel resting on my skull.

"Why are you grabbing your gun, man? Are you gonna shoot us? Ahaha"

They hit me with the butt of an AK and my vision went black.

I woke up and it was now dark. Damn it. I was tied up in a loose, crappy knot and left in the gas station. There were lurkers everywhere. They must have made some noise on the way out. All my stuff was gone, and all they left me was a flathead screwdriver. Funny. I did some searching around the room and found a compartment under the register. There was no markings or handle, and it opened by pressing a piece of tile on the wall. Who owned this place? An engineer? On the inside there were dozens of illegal fireworks. The owner must have had connections. I found a pack of poppers that didnt require a lighter, and thank God too because I had no way of producing a flame. I opened the box and threw the contents as far as I could out of the window, being careful not to miss. It worked, kinda. About half of the dead ones dispersed to check out the sound, leaving me with a much more manageable amount on the doors and windows. About 20 total, spread out on all sides. I found a window where only a few dead ones stood, and began to plan a way out. I stabbed one of them in the eye socket with the screwdriver, and hurled myself through the window. I dodged the grasp of another walker, and ran away from the building. I almost slipped in the mud, it had been raining.I had to find my tormentors. The area I was now in was picked clean. I had already combed the area multiple times before Balota, and I knew the only way to survive was to get my gear back, somehow. They couldn't have gotten far

I saw footprints in the mud, and followed them to an industrial complex. Light came out from over the walls. Walkers were everywhere. I needed to find a weapon. I couldn't storm their camp and get my gear back with a screwdriver. There had to be something.

I spent several minutes searching in an adjacent warehouse to no avail. I went back on the streets and continued looking. I turned down a side street and noticed a faint flame in the distance. I walked towards it, and after a few minutes I realized it was a burned out military vehicle. Ural truck. There was a military checkpoint on the street, with sandbags and everything. It must have been fresh, perhaps the Soviets had sent in reinforcements in the past few days. The vehicle looked almost new, besides the damage caused by gunfire. I looked in the truck and it was empty. Whoever hit the checkpoint must have taken everything. There was, however, several soldiers mulling around. Dead ones, that is. There's no way they could have been searched, right? The attackers must have left in a hurry, the walkers would have swarmed after hearing all that gunfire. I approached a soldier, and got out my screwdriver. He was wearing a riot helmet, with a face mask. poo. I walked up, and used my free hand to block his arms, pushing them up. I used the screwdriver hand to push his chest back. I sweeped the leg and dropped him to the ground.  I planted my feet on his arms and wrestled the helmet off him, tossing it aside. I destroyed his brain with a quick stab to the eye with the screwdriver. Checking his pockets, I found several magazines of 5.45, and a picture of a family. I wondered if they knew where he was going. I found his holster, attached to his thigh, and pulled the makarov out. Checking the mag, it was full. Great. I started back to the compound

There were far too many walkers at the gates for me to get in that way, and even if there were none, it would be a stupid idea. However, there was a building that backed up to the compound. It was only a foot higher than the compound wall, and a foot or two from it. I walked over to that building, and tried the door. Locked. I went around to the back and there was a garage door. I tried it, and the lock had been blown off. I worked my way through the building. It was empty, surprisingly. Perhaps the scumbags had searched it. Anyways, I got to a window that bordered the wall. Thankfully, I was able to open it and get out without making much noises. I went back inside and took a running start, and jumped for the wall. I landed on it, and dropped down into the compound. I landed on a water bottle. poo. Way too much noise. I heard a voice, perhaps thirty feet away, say

"Go check it out. Now."  It was the same guy who had tricked me. He must have been the leader. There was no chuckling now. I saw a flashlight beam hit the wall and quickly ducked behind the dumpsters. 

"ducking Kyle. I hate Kyle. Its probably just a fuckin rat. Jesus Christ I hate these people."

I got up behind him as he walked past and put my gun to the back of his head. He froze up. I knew how he felt.

"I'm not gonna kill you. We can take these guys and go our separate ways afterwords." A simple plan was devised, and he started walking back to the fire.

"It was just a rat, dickhead. Check it yourself next time"

"duck you."

I threw a tin can towards the other end of the compound. It was sufficiently loud.

"God damnit. Go check it out."

"Holy poo, it was probably just a rat again. Get someone else to do it."

"Why are you like this? James, go take a look. Christ"

My new friend positioned himself to block light from the fire. His name was Emilio. I moved along the shadows and traversed the back wall of the compound to where I had thrown the can. Same thing. Put the gun against his head. This time I took his rifle and grabbed him, walking towards to fire.

"If you move, he's dead, and so are all of you. Give me my stuff back, now."

"HahahahahahahahaHA. Who do you think you are, kid? You're not gonna shoot. You can't be that dumb. Well, you did meet up with random strangers you met on the radio, so maybe you are. Go ahead. Try and shoot us."

My heartrate got exponentially faster. It wasnt 4 guys anymore, it was more like 12. There was no way I could do this. I looked Emilio in the eyes. He looked far more scared than I was. I nodded at him, and the leader looked at him, seeing my glance. I took the moment to push my captive forwards and start firing. They were caught off guard, surprisingly. They must have thought I wouldn't do it. I managed to put rounds in three or four of them before my gun jammed. They must have been just as scared as I was , I shouldn't have had a chance against numbers like that. I got behind a burned out car, charged the rifle. and continued firing. Emilio stood, doing nothing. The men had coordinated now. I took out one or two more before they concentrated their fire and I was pinned. I got up to run for some dumb reason, and took a round in the shoulder. I dropped. Hard. They approached me, six of them now, including Kyle and Emilio. I heard the first shot, and closed my eyes. Several more followed. I wasnt dead. I opened my eyes and Emilio had gunned down the four in front of him. I got on my knee. Kyle turned towards Emilio. I picked up my rifle. Kyle unsheathed his knife. I grabbed a magazine from my bag. Emilio stood, horrfiied at what he had done. I changed mags. Kyle sent the knife into Emilio's neck. I chambered the round. Emilio dropped to the floor. I brought up the gun. Kyle was less than arms distance from me, knife extended. I fired. Kyle dropped. The knife was a few inches lodged in my stomach. duck.

I used all my strength and pulled out the knife. Walkers were swarming, hundreds of them. I bandaged my gut, but I knew without stitches I wouldn't make it. It was excruciatingly painful. I picked up the rifle and grabbed my gear from near the campfire. The gate had dozens of walkers on it. I searched Kyle for anything special. He had some cigars in his pocket. Cubans. Of course he did. Asshole. I walked towards the gate. I lit a cigar, brought my gun up. The gate broke down. I smiled.

TO BE CONTINUED (If anyone liked it.)


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All current stories will be reviewed and a winner will be selected. I apologies for the delay.

I will PM the winner with the key and reply back here with a winner named.

No stories past this point will count if they are posted, I will have a moderator close this.

Thank you to all you participated!

The winner is @Kleanuppguy, Congrats!  You will have the key in a PM fro me.

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