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Lockable Money/Weapon/Item cases


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Just watched ShoSho's video on the PP-19 Vityaz, in which he stumbled upon players dead bodies in the middle of some rubles to item trade.

Now i'm not someone who goes out asking for trades in-match so i'm sure I may be missing something in the least and this may not be much of an issue in the current time this is posted, but what if you could lock those high end late trader level cases, say with a padlock at the least, or maybe an even higher tier version case with an integrated rolling number combo lock.

  • Padlocks arnt that hard to get off without the right tools and enough time, but say in the early player levels you need to find those abilities/tools to do so.
    • Eg: A shotgun(Or any other weapon) maybe or usual bolt cutters. I saw somewhere long ago and it may have just been a rumor that their might be a lock picking skill?
  • Higher end secured containers with built in locks either have to be picked or something that could be useful to padlocked cases as well is to harm the case itself to reveal its contents at a risk % chance of damaging said contents.
  • Could add another interaction with traders in asking them to open a case for a lump of cash with varying success and required cost rates.
  • Maybe add a system to return to original owner? Don't know how useful that would be other then just being the lawfully good thing to do.
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No, highly unlikely this will happen with the in game auctions being integrated for full release.

In any case its the users fault for using a tiny map with a high percentage of spawning next to an enemy instead of a big map with a low percentage. User error in that video, silly map for a trade.

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