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Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

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PMC phrase: "get netcoded b***h" (perfect for intense desync situations and frozen frames in gunfights) AI scav phrase: "working as intended" in perfect english some milliseconds before they perf

"Avada Kedavra!"    (A killing curse from Harry Potter)

I would love it if my usec could do random whistling. Same for scavs.   That way you'd not know whether the whistler is a scav or usec and it'd be a great bait.   

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- Mothe*****er please!

- Oh no! Again?
- You must be kidding me! 
- Do it right baby!
- Geronimo! 
- He's dead baby, he's dead!

I hope SCAVS will talk only Russian, please don't make them talk English?
Probably they could use some mix when they see USEC but not sure if good idea.

- Иди сюда мазерфакер, я буду твой бебиситтер, с**ка!
- О, вижу мененгера, всё, пи*дец, щча работать заставит!
- Ну что, как говорят, велкам мазерфакер!


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4 hours ago, Munzig said:

Come out, come out, where ever you are


There's in USEC 2: "Get the f#ck out!" and "Come out you f#cking p#ssy!"

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(Firefight chatter)

(Towards friendlies) - Yelling at others, loud.

-F**king waste his ass!

-Drop that son of a b*tch!

-'Nade him!


-I got your back!

(Towards enemies) - Yelling at others, loud.

-You can't shoot for sh*t!

-Eat lead motherf**ker!

-I'll blast your head clean f**king off!

-You make SCAVs look like professionals! (Towards PMCs)

(Kill chatter) - Yelling at others, loud.

-Where's your f**king head at?!

-There you go!

-Lights out!

-Tarkov is mine, b*tch!


(Dead body chatter) - Mumbling towards self, quiet.

-Military training my ass.

-Right between the d*mn eyes.

(Looting chatter) - Mumbling towards self, quiet.

-You're not needing this.

-I'll borrow this.

-Oh damn, nice.

-Thanks, asshole.


(Low health chatter) - Mumbling towards self, quiet.

-Still... Not... Dead...

-F**kers got me good...

-Shot the sh*t out of me...


(Alert chatter) - Talking toward others, average.


-You heard that?

(Contact quiet) - Whispering toward others, quiet.



-I've got hostiles.

-Sh*t, stay down.

(Clarification) - Shouting outwards, loud.




(Contact loud) - Yelling toward others, loud.

-F*cking Ruskies!



-Hard contact!

-F*cking (BEAR/SCAV)s!


(Misc. chatter) - Talking or mumbling towards self or others, quiet to average.

-Didn't sign up to be left behind.

-And to think I wanted to go on vacation here.

-Damn place is a ghost town.

-To think people lived here a few years ago.

-I just want to leave Tarkov, man.

-It's quiet, too quiet.

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"I ain't got time to bleed!" - Predator (1987) - For SCAVS when shot and keep firing, or PMC's when in need of meds.

"You don't f*ck with me, I don't f*ck with you, we'll get along just fine" - For PMC when wanting to cooperate.

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" - J. Robert Oppenheimer (1945) - When a USEC kills someone or throws an F1 Grenade.

"Get schooled nerd!" - USEC when they take an enemy down.

"I've got 99 problems and I just killed all of them" - PMC.

"I've got 99 problems and I just killed all of them, but now you're the last one" - PMC's when taunting.

"It's just a flesh wound" - Monty Python - All factions when hurt.

"Stream sniper!" - When a PMC spots a sniper.

"Swallow my balls bit*h!" - In russian when a scav throws a grenade.

"You're death will be implemented soon" - When a Scav is hunting you down in russian (SOON meme).

"Eat my a**" - USEC when taunting.

"Your bit*h of a sister sucked my c*ck damn American, and she did it good" - BEAR taunting USEC.

"Get good!" - Scav when they kill someone.

"Sucks to suck" - USEC when they kill someone.

"Your country music sucks my Babushka's tits!" - In Russian for the BEAR when taunting USEC.

"You like smoking weed? Well smoke this!" - In russian when a BEAR fires their weapon at a USEC.

"It's a f*cking Blade Runner!" - All factions when they see a hatchet or knife dude.

"I stack up dead bodies like I stack up my shelves from Idea!" - BEAR taunt.

"Come eat your burgers you fat a**!" - BEAR to USEC in russian.

"You think this is my final form?!" - Scav taunt.

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Some easter egg taunt right now on my mind:(will be nice see pmc with some "hobby")

"Must have been my imagination" - Skyrim

"Blood for the Blood God" - Warhammer 40k - why not, sound good :D maybe for cultists

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." - Zelda - ideal for looting

"War. War never changes." - Fallout

"Finish him!" - Mortal Kombat

"I can see you i can kill you" - Generals Jarmen Kell

"Remember. No Russian." - COD MW2

"I never asked for this." - Deus Ex

"GO GO GO" - CS 1.6

"Say hello to my little friend!" - Scarface

"You shall not pass!" -  LoR


"Free travel, food and funeral, army life"

"Medical bill is on me"

"Some motherf***rs just can't die"

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- Hearing a noise -
*whispers* "Hey. Hey. Blue?"
"You blue? You Ruskie?"
*two-tone whistle*
*whispers* "Identify."
*nervous* "Here's your chance to run, bro."

- Close contact with the enemy -

"Is that - ?"
"Contact, hostile!"
"Hey, hey - enemy!"
"S***! Got a shooter!"
"He's armed!"
"Armed contacts!"
"Targets twelve!"
*surprised, panicking* "F*** you!"
"Clear out or get shot!"
"Sector's hot!"
"Fix this guy, he's got a weapon!"
"Help me out!"
"Ah, man, we got a local!"
"Oh, no! Oh, s***!"
"Oh, yeah, that's a contact!"
"Anybody else here?! There's hostiles!"

- Taking fire -

"Someone have my back?!"
"Make sure they don't get around!"
"Watch the god***n sides!"
*breathy, panicking* "Why're ya...why ya shooting the ceiling, b***ch?"
"Yeah? Yeah?!"
"Move up here! Where is everybody?!"
"F***! Stop!"
"You want it, Russkie?!"
"I'm taking fire!"
"Watch it, you might hurt somebody!"
"Agh! I'm gettin' lit up!"
"It's close! It's hitting close!"

- Falling back -

"Keep your d*** junk! S***!"
"I can't do this by myself!"
"I ain't dying for this!"
"I hate this crap, man!"
"They're gonna flank us out!"
*shouting, panicked* "Don't shoot me, alright?"
"F***! Enough of this!"

- Killed an enemy -

"Oh, he's hit! He's down!"
"How you feel about *that,* buddy?"
"I nailed you. I *nailed* you."
"Yeah, walk that off you piece of s***."
"You shouldn't have, bro. You shouldn't have started s***."
"Yeah, maybe you'll finally figure it out. Don't f*** with us."
"Should've walked right on out of here."
"All your s*** is mine, now."
"I think he's dead!"
"Take a seat."
"Lay down and die, Ivan!"

- Fatally wounded -

"Wh...what was..."
"I can't... I can't..."
"Oh. Oh, you b**tard. *cough*"
"It got through. I took one. I...*violent choking*"
"Not here. *anguished* Oh, f**k."
"*barely audible*...they'll kill you. They'll kill you."
*in agony* "Why'd I ... "
"That's...*cough* That's a..."
"I don't want to be here. I don't. I..."

- Taunting the enemy from cover -

"You don't want this, buddy. I promise you."
"Just walk on out of here. No one needs to get hurt."
"I'm a better shot than you, Ivan."
"Think about your kids and just walk the f*** right on out of here."
"This s*** ain't worth your life."
"This place is mine, bro. Get lost."
"Can you understand what I'm saying to you? Leave. Go. Goodbye."
"I will shoot you if I have to."
"Just drop your little peashooter and leave. I'll let you go."
"Stick your head out and smile."
"You are f***ing with the wrong people."
"What d'ya got, pal? Let's see."
"Get. Out. You got me? Get the f*** out of here."
"Better run!"

- Taunting the enemy in combat -

"You're a dead man!"
"Get down and die!"
"Ain't got nothing!"
"You dumb sh**!"
"I'm not running from you!"
"Get wrecked, you piece of - "
"Gonna f*** you up!"
"Oh you're f***ed now!"
"...gonna kill your a***!"

- Low-morale "taunts" -

"Let's talk this out, buddy."
"Let's just go our separate ways, alright?"
"Ain't no need for this, man!"
"This ain't worth it!"
"Look! 'Nyet!' I mean...f***! *louder* Stop! Okay! No more 'strell!' Okay?!"
"I don't want this any more than you do!"
"Why are we shooting each other?!"
"This is f***ed up!"
"You don't want to die? I don't want to either! That's enough!"
"If I go, will you hold your f***ing fire?"
"I'm not paid enough for this crap, man!"

- inspecting body -

"How f***ing many of you are there?"
"What a waste."
"Whatcha got for me, brother?"
"Oh, d*** that's a mess."
"Better you than me."
"This s*** is crazy."
"Did you leave me anything?"
"Probably just more junk. Yeah."
"Man, you got *wronged.*"
"Live by the sword..."
"That's how I'm gonna end up...I keep going on like this."
"Hey. Hey. You foolin'? Guess not."

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So for me the obvious ones missing are 


F*ck You


Hey Dickhead


Yes I am talking to you


Knob Jockey


I come in peace don't shoot!


Do you want to team up ?

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  • Семён Семёныч!
  • Поме́дленнее, я запи́сываю!
  • Она́ лу́чшая подру́га мое́й сестры́. Тебя́ познако́мить?
  • Заме́тьте, не я́ это предложи́л!
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as long as USEC is being vulgar every other word of a sentence, its good. I think it good one would be, after getting a kill, he sounds surprised if you mutter, like what @LightningLiner suggested. Stuff like "Oh sh**, I got 'em!" Stuff like that.

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Escape Tarkov? Why?! I love it here!!

I can't get rid of this taste in my mouth... Maybe it's the air...

Damn, I need a cigarette....

Do you smell that? Smells like a stale cigarette...

How is you hideout coming along?


All of these either PMC or Scavs.

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