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Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

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Stop hiding... We can smell that you pooed (Shite) yourself.

I'm the Big Dog leading here, now watch my arse.

So much loot on me, want to try and take it?

Show yourself... Then we can talk.

Hey.. Jellyfish... Show some spine.

Hey.. Did you vote for Putin or Trump?

There is no getting a chopper outta here.

Show yourself.. So I can see if I shoot straight.

Man up.. You Keyboard Warrior.

Did I just take a laxative by mistake.

Shhhhhh..... Did you hear that.... (Long FART)

I'm glad we are not fighting a smart enemy.

Guns don't Kill people.. I kill people.

I'm married... Why else would I be here.

Fight here right now or get sniped later at extract.

We all die one day but it will be sooner than you think.

I have personality, not attitude.

Cover me while I loot.. OR ELSE.

Cover the high traffic areas.

Where are all those friendly scavs I keep hearing about.

Feels like Ground hog Day.

Are you gonna fight or are you a PowerPoint Ranger.

No winners in Tarkov, only survivors.

I only have a pistol..

Trust me.

Enough of the back seat Driving!

Tell me again.


Get ready to breach... On my command.

Go Go Go.

Who has a key.

Let's camp here for a moment.

Suppressive/Cover fire when I push.

Suppressive/Cover fire when we disengage. 

Time to bug out.

Can someone pop some smoke to hide our arses. (game needs smaller smoke grenades that produce more smoke so it gets used)


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PMC phrase: "get netcoded b***h" (perfect for intense desync situations and frozen frames in gunfights) AI scav phrase: "working as intended" in perfect english some milliseconds before they perf

"Avada Kedavra!"    (A killing curse from Harry Potter)

I would love it if my usec could do random whistling. Same for scavs.   That way you'd not know whether the whistler is a scav or usec and it'd be a great bait.   

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"Und Zat's how i lost my gun license"

"Clear as Vodka!"

"This is girl scouts... Who want some cookies?"

"Don't shoot! I'm from National Geographic!"

"Here smells like babushka's borshch!"

"This is FUBAR!"

"I didn't sign up for this s***!"

"Knock, knock! Housekeeping!"

"In Soviet Russia... Uh... I had something for that..."

"Time out! Time out!"

"Whoa! Too close for comfort!"

"I need a beer..."

"Do i look the salvation army to you!?"

"I miss s*****ing in a toilet"

"I'm just looking for the exit!"

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I don't know where I'm going, or I can't see where I'm going, or why is this so hard... most popular phrases I here from everyone in this game

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On 6/18/2020 at 8:48 AM, i8myrice2day said:

"Why won't you die!" 

Late, but felt it needed the appropriate response:

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"Don't worry don't cry (ugh....) , dRRRink vodka (ugh....) and fly." (With russian accents)

- BEAR after 2 bottles of vodka.

"Let's dance."

-Two rats facing on.

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Either Scav or PMC

  1. Heard of a Tic Tac?  Lead Flavored are the Best. (Laughing)
  2. Salt doesn't substitute for bullets. (during shootout)
  3. Hey jerk off, feeling kinda woozy yet? 
  4. Wanna play fetch? (throws grenade).
  5. Look closely. Tell me if i'm Zeroed. (head shot)
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Stick around ! (From predator)

You're one one ugly m**therf*cker ! 
i told you I would kill you last : I lied 

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Some old ones, but good ones---

"Nobody steals our chicks... and lives." (SCAV)

"Damn, you're ugly." (PMC)

"Heh, heh, heh, what a mess." (PMC)

"Rest in pieces." (SCAV)


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"Говорила мне мама на электрика поступать!"

"Ну н***я ты-то б***ь по Штанам стреляешь? Армани Н***й! Настоящие собака!"

"Пацаны,я уже з*****ся тут бегать и ходить - давайте все в другую зону"

" Раз,два,три,четыре - Сколько Уё***в в этом мире?"

"Раз - два - три - четыре - пять : Да сколько по тебе ещё надо стрелять?" 

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