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Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

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PMC: "Do you hear that, or am i getting paranoid?"


Scav upon hearing footsteps: "Is that one of ours?"


Sniper scav mumbling to himself: *Broken english in a mocking voice* "What about command?" *in russian* "Pffft HAHAHA"

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PMC phrase: "get netcoded b***h" (perfect for intense desync situations and frozen frames in gunfights) AI scav phrase: "working as intended" in perfect english some milliseconds before they perf

"Avada Kedavra!"    (A killing curse from Harry Potter)

I would love it if my usec could do random whistling. Same for scavs.   That way you'd not know whether the whistler is a scav or usec and it'd be a great bait.   

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We MUST have a Scav singing the Trololo song.  The man who sang it originally was Russian I believe. :D

It MUST be done.

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